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First R5 5* Cap IW or Sunspot

MR_61088MR_61088 Posts: 196 ★★
Hey guys,
at the end of this month i will finally be able to rank a 5* to rank 5 :)

For me it was clear that my Starky will be the one but Lady Luck let me pull a Warlock last week so i brought him straight to R4 and now i‘m missing tech cats for that but i think that was not a wrong decision :)

That is the reason why only Sunspot and Cap IW are my possible Rank ups.
I‘ve also got a 4/55 duped Vodoo and a 4/55 duped Blade, but i think that Cap and Sunspot are the better choices for a first Rank 5.
Unfortunately both aren‘t duped but i‘m ok with that and i love both champs.
But i want to know what do you guys think about that?
Should i rank up one of these champs or wait for a awaking gem at least?

I‘m uncollected by the way and working now on 100% act 5

First R5 5* Cap IW or Sunspot 25 votes

Cap IW
Feeney234TeddersSiddhantKwatraBrokenPeterQuill1s44c8MysterioEyrarBigKidScottyBenQcSlayerSpider_RicoPyrdaFlashSpidey4dlaiSoyheyor123DeremusRouROu 17 votes
TerraEthanGamerLucifer1810mOonligHtSonata7Xguard77Agent_X_zzz 6 votes
FeroX_the_fat_heringParzival17192 2 votes


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    BenQcSlayerBenQcSlayer Posts: 867 ★★★
    Cap IW
    I go for CAIW... but depends on the state of your ressources, and what are your mext goals in the game...

    If CAIW is not duped, maybe wait and use the ressources on a champ that is duped....

    For blade, i don’t think he needs the rank 5, still an awsome champ... but less and less useful if you go deeper in act 6, yet a killer in AW.

    Don’t kmow much about dr.voodoo, but I hear he is a heck of a champ.

    In the end, your choice
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    FeroX_the_fat_heringFeroX_the_fat_hering Posts: 311 ★★
    I don’t know much about sunspot, he seems to be good, like how killmonger is awesome.
    I love my Killmonger but he is no cap iw, he is absolutely one of the top champs but he needs to be high sig, I would say max sig

    Just be patient, save sig stones and dupe him or get a gem somewhere, he is worth the wait
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    OkaythenOkaythen Posts: 590 ★★★
    I would wait
    Cap unduped is not worth r5 for me if you have other options
    Havnt played much with SS but I think he does well in 100% act 5
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    EthanGamerEthanGamer Posts: 357
    Sunspot has insane damage if you can play him. Do a bunch of sp1s charge your heavy after a parry, then repeat till you have about 2-3 or more flare states.
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    MR_61088MR_61088 Posts: 196 ★★
    I know how to fight with sunspot and to be honest both are pretty equal in many stats atm.
    Both have 0 damage while parry, both have an amazing damage output in her SP2 when the number of charges or states are right.

    Aweking on both doesn‘t result in a higher damage output, thats why it is a tough call at the moment
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    Agent_X_zzzAgent_X_zzz Posts: 4,495 ★★★★★
    since unawakened go Sunspot
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    4dlai4dlai Posts: 250
    Cap IW
    Most people say ægon is the best in the game and capiw is the second go cap dont worry you’ll gat the dupe i believe in ur crystal luck
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    Since yr CAIW unduped then rank up Sunspot, he’s a BEAST for first rank 5
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