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Quake's ability clarification



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    Agent_X_zzzAgent_X_zzz Posts: 4,494 ★★★★★

    I just quaked thing boss in our aw. And all the minis on one side. You sir. Are mean. I hope I don’t run into your alliance.

    Kill monger if true strike
    Heimdale if true strike
    Mordo sometimes. Power gain
    Karnak one of the few times he’s good

    Unblockable and unstoppable and power gain champs.

    First off I am going to assume you are lower tier, due to the fact you quaked the boss so T9 and below, Quake can take Domino with Black Widow Synergy, Hawkeye synergy works but tends to fail at times. Killmonger you cannot quake but not because of true strike but due to the fact that everytime you place a concussion Killmonger gains power, you can get around this where KM is awakened but its hard. Heimdall will not have true strike unless he uses sp1 and defenders don't use specials with quake. Korg is easy with Quake. Mordo do Parry heavy to avoid powergain or Heavy only, Karnak same thing as heimdall, Proxima midnight you will have no trouble with. You missed champs that actually counter quake such as Night Thrasher, Iceman (first 15 seconds) Agent Venom, Passive Powergain champs. Elektra, Carnage and Elsa with suicides. Also void if you get agility debuff on you
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    WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 7,233 ★★★★★

    @GroundedWisdom There are exactly two champs who are concussion immune: AA and Emma Frost

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    OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 872 ★★★★

    When charging a Heavy, she inflicts Concussion, reducing AAR by 100%, and she is able to Evade Basic Attacks when Concussion is active.

    She can Evade the first incoming basic attack while charging her heavy regardless of whether there’s a Concussion applied on the opponent.
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    ThehereticTheheretic Posts: 110
    Also don't forget the Fury synergy, 3 evades for her and all others on the team.
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    simolazsimolaz Posts: 418 ★★
    More in deep: if I really wanted to claim a nerf (as a lot of you say) I would have posted this into the "Bugs and Known Issues" section. Instead, I put it in the general discussion, since my aim was and still is to obtain a clarification on Quake's ability. That's it.
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