Issue in AW: It shows T5 but can’t set global node

This is first time we are seeing this. War page shows we are in T5 [Multiplier x4] but we can’t set the global nodes.
Is this issue? Will we face opponents who can set global node, if yes won’t that be skew?


  • Crumb3307Crumb3307 Posts: 306 ★★
    Your probably matched up with a t6 alliance and the war randomly assigned t6 rules, check and see if the nodes are t5 or t6 nodes
  • K12pK12p Posts: 6
    They are T5 nodes, already checked that out..
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    Hey there, it may be that you are fighting an opponent from a lower tier and will end up fighting them on their tier's map. In that case, neither alliance would have access to global nodes. I hope that helps clear things up!
  • Apologies, your response hadn't shown up until after I finished my message. Would you be able to share screenshots of what you're seeing?
  • K12pK12p Posts: 6
    Looks like that’s the case.. some are T5 nodes, some are T6 nodes. Here are few screen shots..

    What does that means for points? Will we get T5 multiplier or T6 multiplier ?

  • K12pK12p Posts: 6
    Apologies all are T6 nodes I got thrown a bit away by memory.
    @Kabam Zibiit thanks the explanation makes sense.
  • Glad to hear everyone is ok. :)
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