So is Kabam seriously killing off Variant content?

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A lot of people were expecting Variant 5 in May but now that the patch notes are out, it seems Kabam isn't willing to invest in development as they are working towards Act 1(7) over this. It is a shame because Variant is generally fun and relatively easier than Act 6 where progressing mid-tier players can rank up champions and hope to catch up or compete at the higher tier levels (thats how I jumped up quick).

I hope Kabam continues Variant because it helps lower tier players (and not much the top-tier but they are fine).


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    I also feel like Variants just sort of come suddenly. I wouldnt count them out. V4 wasnt that long ago I feel like there wasbt much of a notification of "Variant 4 is coming in two weeks!" While I wish v5 was coming soon, I'm not gonna act like Kabam is killing off future variants all together.
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    Its because kabam has never stated there would be a set cadence to when variants would come out. Everyone just assumed.
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    Variants teams are different, although remember theres a pandemic going on, which is hitting particularly hard in the US, that could cause delays to any content and the release.

    I'm sure they'll release another in time, they've got a fair amount of content streaming in, and considering previous years we've been getting alot the last few months
  • Also some “Tiny” little additions were occupying development too such as Incursions and a New Book.

    Still not understanding OP comment that “Kabam NOT willing to invest in some type of new development since their time is being occupied by doing other type of new development” ?
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    Let’s not forget there is a worldwide pandemic and mobile gaming isn’t exactly essential so my guess is that they are not operating at 100% at their HQ.
    But like most you guys just want something to complain about so I guess just keep whining about how you’re all so entitled.....
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    There’s stuff going on in the outside world right now that’s probably affecting their capacity. I’m impressed and thankful that they’ve managed to keep the champion releases and monthly events going as usual.

    As I understand it there’s going to be V5 which is Venom and Guillotine, probably in the next month or two.

    Just because they’re currently working on something else doesn’t mean that Variant has been abandoned. I would not be surprised to see a fair few betas for the new story while they tweak the difficulty. They have described Act 6 as a bumpy road and I am putting it out there - it takes a lot to admit that a flagship project of over 6 months wasn’t a success , they won’t want the same results for Act 7, wouldn’t surprise me if the beta is well ahead of release
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    Mike192 said:

    Okaythen said:

    “Helps lower tier player and not much the Top tier but they are fine “
    Speak for yourself bud

    Ok sir, Variant 5 doesnt do anything if your going to R5 champs like luke cage or Doc Oc for fun.

    Those champs have pretty good use and can be substitutes for others I guess 😒
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    I don't know, it might have to do with... THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC! I'm sure Kabam is having a hard time getting new content out under these conditions.
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