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2 Looking for an active alliance with NO drama

Looking for a chill but active alliance for the long run. We run map 5 in AQ, and tier 9/10 (Gold2/3) in AW. Our prestige is 7,550 and 6,200. We have no problems running AQ and AW simultaneously. Very active.


  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    Add me on line-medeuink
  • Capt_StrikerCapt_Striker Posts: 152
    Add me in line @ captstrikerr we can talk
  • Gohan69Gohan69 Posts: 26
    Add me on line buddy Gohan69 we’ve got a chill Alli full of banter but with epic players
  • Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 169
    G3 3BG. AQ maps 6,5 and 4. Solid group of guys looking to have fun playing this game but still succeed. no drama
    LINE&IGN captdeadp00l
  • JayysssJayysss Posts: 56
    Ours is a new alliance growing..

    Join us 😁
  • CourtbearCourtbear Posts: 126
    Have 2 openings. 17mil fun and cool ally. Map5x5 or Map4 with norm mods options. Base127m hit with honor rewards. AW is optional with 2bgs, current bronze1 and rising
    Line: Courtbear
    Pm if interested
  • Brt07Brt07 Posts: 17
    We are looking for 2 active members Map 5 all BG’s with 180Mill a week. G2 in AW. If your interested hit me up. Thanks

    Line ID: 10brt07
    In game Name: Brt07
    Alliance Name: Bilko (Goondocks)
  • GSWPrideGSWPride Posts: 7
    Hello! I am part of a map 4/4/4 alliance (looking to go 5/4/4) and we could really use two players such as yourselves. Add me on Line @GSWPride. We would love to have you guys!
  • ska3rnska3rn Posts: 51
    Hey, we have 2 open slots. We are active alliance. We're from many countries from Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the US.

    We can hit 100AQ score weekly. We do run AQ with Master Modifier all BGs whole week. We're optional AW, so there're chill people in this alliance. But if you're AW focused, we also have strong accounts to fly high. Last season we were casual with wars as we only set up last season. This season we aim for Gold.

    If you're interested, please contact me:

    Line ID: ska3rn (display name: sKarn)
    IGN: Uncle KiCKASS

    Alliance TAG: MAR-F
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