Unbalanced AQ ticket costs

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In the ticket update for donations, the way it's currently designed, if you run unbalanced AQ maps, then the higher maps are forced to pay more for their entries while earning rewards for the entire alliance, regardless of what map the others are running.

Instead of making entries cost extra for higher ranked maps, I suggest taking the average cost of the maps to calculate the entry cost for any of the maps. That way, the cost is still spread across the entire alliance (that participate in the AQ anyways), without piling on those who do harder maps granting higher rewards for no cost to the lower map runners.

For each map 7 being run, add 10 to the entry cost. For each map 6, add 5. For each other map, add nothing.

If there's 2 map 7 and a map 6, then every entry costs 25, whether entering map 7 or map 6.
If there's 2 map 6 and a map 7, then every entry costs 20.
If there's 2 map 7 and a map 5, then every entry is 20 as well.

We have to pick the three maps at the beginning anyways, so calculate the ticket cost at that point. It's similar to the old method, where it takes the overall cost out of the treasury at the start, but it makes things fairer for the higher ranked map runners.


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    Thought of that as well, but didn’t want to put into main Merged Threads post and then receive hundreds of Notifications as thread keeps growing (lol).

    Only problem with setting a fixed “average” cost for everyone paying the same would be for partial alliances that don’t have full 30, or for casual alliances that don’t fill up AQ entirely.

    If they only have about 10 to 20 ppl that do AQ, they could just open up as 3 BG's and run BG3 as a lower NO-COST Map, and that would lower the “Average” entry cost for those actually running high level maps on BG 1/2.

    Especially true for a strong group of only 10 (or 20) people that want to run Map 6 or 7, and could “exploit” the system by pulling down their EntryCost by running low map on BG3 (even if nobody ever actually joins BG3).
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