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Text for crystals can’t read too dark

There are a few things I can not read because it is dark red or very light grey... I have to take a screenshot to get this basic information. Quite a hassle when trying to see how long it was since my ally member logged in or how many crystal fragments I have. I am on a iPhone 8 Plus, with a larger screen. Seems like an easy fix, that would make game better for everyone.


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    Hey, @RedTide75. We appreciate you sharing this feedback with us about certain text being too hard to read. We will gladly share this information with the rest of our Team!
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    RedTide75RedTide75 Posts: 29
    Thank you very much!!!
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    GoTigsGoTigs Posts: 1
    I just registered on the forums to leave this exact same request. Specifically for me, the amount of crystal fragments is impossible to read. I'm one of many with red/green color vision problems, maybe this is why it's difficult to see the dark red on black. Thank you!
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    Agree... (and has been suggested before, but title of thread this time is more specific as to the request)...

    Standard RED TEXT in Game Values is sometimes too hard to read.

    Suggest Kabam switches all instances of using that Red for text or values like partial Cat Fragments or Crystal Shards, (maybe other areas like Champ Profile stats if any show Red values), “Negative Units”, other negative values, common War Room Chat with opponent (one side's text is always in this dark red), etc.

    Change to a Color Code Value that includes a little Green and Blue into the code for a BRIGHTER VERSION OF RED.


    That little bit of Green and Blue in that RGB Color Code makes it bright enough to read, while still clearly identifiable as RED.
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    ..sample of a mock-up DNA3000 did to approximate that. Not that exact color code, and had modified the Font as well, but you get the idea.

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    RedTide75RedTide75 Posts: 29
    Haven’t seen a change yet. This is an easy fix. Please address.
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