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Captain Marvel Signature Ability

Felix33Felix33 Posts: 36
edited June 2020 in Bugs and Known Issues
Recently duped my captain marvel and I am trying to understand the point of this ability.

"The Indestructible Buff and half of Captain Marvel's Energy Charges are removed when struck by a Special Attack."
(You lose half of your charges with our without the indestructible buff)

I mean no one is trying to get hit by a special attack and you might as well lose the fight if you do get hit in most fights but, I am not aware of any other champion with a negative signature ability.
Her indestructible buff isn't that necessary, just a sweet addition but I am not that fussed about because it lasts 12 seconds while you are playing very aggressively. In my opinion, losing half your charges due to an occasional mistake is way worse.
I probably wouldn't even think of this as a problem if this wasn't a "signature ability".
Therefore, I would rather not have her as awakened.

I would understand if you lost your charges to have to activate an indestructible buff during binary cognition to compensate a mistake?


  • The intention isn't to get hit on purpose, but rather to avoid damage for a certain ammount of time.
    Damage from degeneration nodes, for example. Or some other thing that doesn't require you to get hit in order to receive the effect
  • Severus35Severus35 Posts: 71
    A nice bonus from this ability is if you run suicides : bleed is canceled and recoil deals no damage :smile:
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