Questng dev diary is delayed. Why not push up the champion update one?

Title says it all.


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    Agreed. Assume it’s written already
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    The Champions Dev Diary is not complete yet, and there's a lot of the same team working on both. Unfortunately, this means that all of them will be pushed back.

    I assume once they work out a new timeline for announcements it will be posted?
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    People be all J.G. Wentworth about their announcements.
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    Are you gonna answer us @Kabam Miike ? Will the roadmaps all be out before July 4th? Or do you still expect us to spend our money without knowing what improvements you guys are going to make to the game?
    Also, how is it possible that you guys don’t have the other roadmaps ready yet? It baffles me that you’re still working on them when you gave us deadlines on when to expect them. The roadmap maps should have been made and shared with the CCP for feedback before you even announced their deadlines. It’s amazing that you guys are managing to be this incompetent.
    On one hand, I’m glad that you listened to the CCP about the AW and AQ roadmap, but on the other that should have been done at least a week before you were scheduled to release it. How does it make sense to wait until the last minute?

    I'd guess they didn't give the CCP the info in advance as they didn't want it leaked like last time.. which is fair.. that being said it is a little strange that they delay this info due to input from the CCP.. however they still went ahead with other things like the reduction of 6* shards in abyss even though the CCP people suggested that was a bad idea..

    I suppose they pick and choose when they want to take advice and when they don't which is of course their prerogative..
    It's fine for them to pick and choose when to follow ours or CCP's advice, not all the advice we give is good and I'm sure not all the advice from CCP is good either. What isn't fine is their inability to stick to deadlines and to not have their product ready until the last possible second.
    I'm not surprised to see that they went ahead and took away the 6 star shards and I'm sure that we'll still have to pick the class nexus before we get the chance to open our t5cc because the last thing Kabam wants is to give us too much choice in our accounts or have too many chances to get a good six star. 15k shards, 9/10, will result in a King Groot or Iron Patriot or someone similar, but I guess that they don't want to take the 1/10 chance that someone will walk away from Abyss feeling rewarded for their effort.
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