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The currently active War will not count towards the Season.

Why didn't I get my AQ rewards?!

Didn't receive my AQ rewards but everyone else in my alliance did. I joined the alliance the day before AQ started. What is going on kabam?!?!


  • Alex_mk2Alex_mk2 Posts: 47
    I’m sure they’re playing a joke on you, I haven’t received mine yet
  • fu2_10fu2_10 Posts: 58
    Yeah no, my alliance is ranked number 88 and everyone else in my alliance has received rewards except for me.
  • ArifuteraArifutera Posts: 151 ★★
  • Soyheyor123Soyheyor123 Posts: 338 ★★
    Some like that happened to me, I received the email but empty haha
  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 535
    I didn’t get mine
  • Dante_247Dante_247 Posts: 37
    Is there anyone we can contact about this I haven’t received my AQ rewards either
  • rnr87rnr87 Posts: 394
    I guess they are running late with them tonight
  • QfuryQfury Posts: 1,856 ★★★★★
    Yup no rewards here either
  • Air98Air98 Posts: 80 ★★
    I haven't got mine either, there must be some kind of delay.
  • Dante_247Dante_247 Posts: 37
    But a lot of people have already received there rewards so there isn’t a delay for everyone just some
  • rnr87rnr87 Posts: 394
    I didn't receive mine yet either
  • Dante_247Dante_247 Posts: 37
    How long does a delay like this typically last?
  • jdrum663jdrum663 Posts: 551 ★★
    Whew! I thought I was the only one.
  • MSpawnMSpawn Posts: 98
    edited July 2020
    Well it’s safe to assume that all accounts aren’t considered “equal“ if rewards are being partially delivered even within alliances!? Rather equally considered 😂
  • Frivolousz21Frivolousz21 Posts: 436 ★★★
    My entire alliance hasn't gotten ours
  • Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 643 ★★
    I'm wondering if I'll get them. Joined exactly 5days days ago so probably down to the hours.
  • Deuce2180Deuce2180 Posts: 116
    Got mine 2 hrs ago on my small account still none on my main
  • fu2_10fu2_10 Posts: 58
    Ya_Boi_28 said:

    I got mine but I'm an android user. What about OP and the others in this thread?

    I'm an Android user
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 2,372 ★★★★★
    edited July 2020
    My whole alliance didn’t get ours. We placed 274 I believe.
  • KrishanKrishan Posts: 4
    I did not get my rank and milestone rewards either, got the honor rewards and everyone else in my alliance has recieved all 3 rewards.
  • Jack_sparrowJack_sparrow Posts: 6
    I didn't get it too (Android platform)
  • manish756manish756 Posts: 3
    I didn't get it also...
  • rnr87rnr87 Posts: 394
    @Kabam Miike can we get an update or any idea of why we haven't received our aq rewards yet?
  • Flappy_Ninja64Flappy_Ninja64 Posts: 108
    edited July 2020
    Straight up ita been 7 hours since aq ended and this set of rewards is the difference between me and and a r4 5* iceman. I am on Samsung.
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