Ideally looking for a uk alliance

Hey all looking ideally looking for a uk alliance that carries out map 5 in quest and is at least gold in war. I need an ally that carries out 3 bgs in both war and quest. If there are no out and out uk allys then just be mindful that's where I am from.
Now that corona is coming to an end in the uk am now super active and my new alliance will have to be also.
I am not looking at swapping and changing alliances. I am looking for an out and out home to stay for a long time. So please be an alliance that can retain players.
Line for communication is needed.
I have been a leader in a gold 1 alliance and have been an officer in most of my ex alliances but now I just want to get on and play without the hassle.

I am more then happy to chat and I can show my roster in line app at connor892 (same as in game name)

Speak soon


  • JeezusJeezus Posts: 106
    Alliance Name: Jeezus N’ Pals
    Tag: 5AY10
    Time zone: mostly North America, couple Asia and a couple European
    AQ Maps: 554
    # AQ BGs: 3
    AQ Score: 120 mil+
    AQ Prestige: 7274
    AQ Ranking: 3893
    War Tier: 13
    War Bracket: Silver 1
    War Rating: 1355
    # War BGs: 3
    Looking for: 3 preferably uncollected or better
    Language: English
    LineID: nevertrustahippy
  • Billotch13Billotch13 Posts: 70
    Hit me up on Line - swaggydaddyo. We have 2 slots we need to fill. Fun, diverse group of dudes (members are all over the world)... super chill and very active. Gold 3 last season and 80M in AQ.
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