You just couldn't help yourselves, could you Kabam?

So you went and took the Magiks out of 5.3 because they were "fun and interactive", and instead put a suped up Dormammu on each map. Then you put an Iceman on a choke point where every path has to go through.
I get that you guys can't just not use champs, but at least do like you did with the dorms and put them on a single path.
Gripe over. Sorry. >_>


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    It was said in the official thread that there would be Dormammu's.
    Discuss there before creating a thread about it
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    danielmath wrote: »
    You have 4/55 SL, magik, and iceman and can't beat that iceman? Yikes

    Lmao. I ran that quest with zero items used and he's complaining about the iceman with a 5* duped star lord and magik and iceman! Man, this guys should or have posted his champs with this post. What a joke!
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    Bwahahahahahaha Rant over!
  • Can't blame a guy for taking it upon himself to police the threads. It might be his one satisfaction outside the game itself.

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    He is easy just don't go in with low health.. my r3 Spider-Man dropped him no problem
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    Guys leave him alone lol you dont know what path he took or if he was eben trying. The point is they keep putting an Iceman right before the boss as they did in 5.1 and 5.2. Its jus annoying unavoidable damage that might make you use some items. That cold snap takes away about 8-9k and you have to solo him. its just annoying and they did it 3 chapters in a row. Need to switch it up its old now.
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