Game shutting down whenever i open it [Merged threads]



  • syes132syes132 Posts: 12
    i can not log in it loads the screen like where it says loading and it says failed to load try again so i do but.. ye
  • gireesh19gireesh19 Posts: 1
    IPhone 11 Pro Max I have the same issue other applications work fine enable to open MCOC
  • JessieSJessieS Posts: 319 ★★
    Same. When I try to start the app it just shuts itself down
  • Cubb1es22Cubb1es22 Posts: 23
    Same for me both on iPad Pro and iPhone X.
  • Memnoch72Memnoch72 Posts: 11
    Same, just goes straight back to home screen after seeing the marvel logo..
    iPad 5th gen.
  • SmashingSmashing Posts: 10
    Same here iPhone game shutting down when opened. Tried to reinstall still no fix. Please work on resolving this ASAP
  • Markjv81Markjv81 Posts: 756 ★★★
    I got T2a and t5b expiring in 2-3 hours, hope it’s sorted by then
  • Storm_FistStorm_Fist Posts: 2
    Same for iPhone 7 on iOS 13.5.1.
  • MikeHockMikeHock Posts: 1,752 ★★★★
    Happening to me also. Deleted and reinstalled the app, restarted my device .... still happens
  • SirmacoolSirmacool Posts: 352
    Probably for the better. We got matched with an alliance almost 3X as strong for AW. Now I can say we didn’t win because of the game being down. Lol
  • johnlaw3742johnlaw3742 Posts: 22
    edited July 10
    Turn off Wifi and you might be able to get back into game. (worked for me on 2 devices)
  • syes132syes132 Posts: 12
    so many people are posting about this!!!!
  • FeroX_the_fat_heringFeroX_the_fat_hering Posts: 281 ★★
    edited July 10
    Same, also ios

    Edit: it might be apple, people in my alliance are saying they cannot open other apps like spotify
  • KimilKimil Posts: 70
    edited July 10
    Markjv81 said:

    I got T2a and t5b expiring in 2-3 hours, hope it’s sorted by then

    I hope so for your sake, last time i was affected by something that caused my stash to expire, i got told by the community it was my own fault for not using it sooner...
  • Speedro420Speedro420 Posts: 276 ★★
    Was playing around six this morning all good, left and came home and now same thing. Force close everytime. Reinstalled, restarted phone. Nothing works.
  • Kaizen_KingKaizen_King Posts: 104
    Definitely an iOS issue - reinstalled the game on both my iPhone 8 and iPad Pro but game still crashes almost immediately.
  • syes132syes132 Posts: 12
    ples help
  • KillacammmKillacammm Posts: 18
    Same here
  • syes132syes132 Posts: 12
    edited July 10
    ye same it is happening everywhere! its a catastrophe we all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nah prob fixing something they'll fix it
  • GrumpyGrumpy Posts: 217
    edited July 10
    Android works fine
    Doing a lol run just my iOS wont work
  • Agent_TAgent_T Posts: 162
    So is it just affecting Apple Users then?
  • ChuckconkChuckconk Posts: 4
    I have iPhone 11 Pro Max and a iPad Pro and the game won’t open
  • MadooriCMadooriC Posts: 13
    My friend Ajith5 has the same problem both with his iPhone and iPad
  • SaranSaran Posts: 4
    I too have the same problem on my ipad
  • Red_GuardianRed_Guardian Posts: 90
    Same problem iPhone 6s
  • NuclekerrNuclekerr Posts: 95
    What do we do with an issue like this? Turned WiFi off and still a problem.
  • syes132syes132 Posts: 12
    just keep trying
    i guess
  • BigManOnCampusBigManOnCampus Posts: 72
    same here ios 13.5
  • WaddaboutmeWaddaboutme Posts: 111
    Same here.
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