Ghost unable to phase off rupture?

DaphboyDaphboy Posts: 427 ★★
Phase ability states that “...each damage over time debuff on ghost is converted to a fury passive...”

Rupture deals damage over time, yet is not converted to fury. As far as I’m aware the only damaging debuffs ghost can’t shrug off are voids intimidating presence. But that’s because of voids ability which causes dot per unique debuff.
There doesn’t seem to be anything unique in ruptures description that sets it apart from other dot except in that it is a new form. So why is ghost unable to shrug off? Is it a bug? Something I’m missing in the champion description? Thanks for any insight!


  • Is a known issue that has alrrady been reported, and the team js already aware of it.

    For void's case, the only DoT debuff he is able to apply is on his sp2, after the power sting gets triggered. Which is a degeneration debuff. Any other of his debuffs are not DoT or damaging debuffs
  • Hey there, just to confirm, the team is looking into this issue with Ghost and Rupture.
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