Potential New Character Design: Kobik

Hey Guys, I've had a lot of fun designing new champs in the past and this is my second champ that feels fully complete. If you have any suggestions for improvement let me know

DETAILS – Following stats for a 4 star, Rank 5 Level 50
Champion Tags: #Offensive: Burst #Thunderbolts #Size: S
Class: Cosmic
Health: 12,850
Attack: 1,220

Critical Rating 600 23.0%
Critical Damage Rating 550 157.8%
Armor Penetration 0 0.0%
Block Penetration 0 0.0%
Critical Resistance 0 0.0%
Armor Rating 300 13.0%
Block Proficiency 3,000 60.0%

• Kobik’s abilities while less than 1 bar of power now trigger while below 50% of her max power
• Kobik’s base critical damage rating is increased by 100 (sig 1) to 1000 (sig 99)

• Basic attacks do not make contact and deal no damage, but still generate power.
• Each time Kobik gains a bar of power, she gains a Passive Prowess buff and refreshes all existing Passive Prowess buffs. Passive Prowess buffs last for 15 seconds and increase special attack damage by 10%. Kobik cannot gain Passive Prowess Buff’s while suffering from a Disorient Debuff
• -350 Physical Resistance
• +2000 Energy Resistance

While below 1 bar of power
• Kobik’s second medium attack has a guaranteed critical chance
• Kobik’s critical hits generate additional power equal to her base critical damage rating, to a max of 70% of a bar of power

During Special Attacks
• Pauses the duration of all buffs on Kobik

Special 1
• Gain a precision buff increasing critical rating by 850 for 8 seconds

Special 2
• Kobik activates a Cosmic Aura for 20 seconds. Any champion (including herself) near the Aura is power drained by 5% of a bar of power per second

Special 3
• The opponent gains no power from this Special Attack, and it ignores all of their Armor
• The potency of all Passive Prowess buffs are increased by 400% during the duration of this attack

Just Kids
Kobik: Whenever a Prowess Buff expires, it has a 20% chance to re-apply itself
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Kahn): While charging her Heavy Attack, has a 100% chance to evade the next incoming attack. Cooldown: 15 seconds
Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies

Hydra Zealots
Kobik: Buffs on Kobik last 20% longer
Red Skull: Each time Red Skull gains an Armor up from his own abilities, he has a 50% chance to gain a second Armor up
Captain America (WWII): Each time he inflicts a debuff, gain a cruelty buff increasing critical damage rating by 300 for 10 seconds
Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies

The Exploited
Kobik: Becomes immune to Reverse Controls
Winter Soldier: Ability Accuracy during Special Attacks is increased by 100%
Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies


  • Thank you for the suggestion! However, we have an open and very active thread about adding new characters that is closely monitored. You can contribute to it by going HERE.
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