Can Kabam tell us here what current 7hr Solo Event is here?

With current glitches, my Event display doesn't show what the current Solo 7hr Event ... despite it actually being in effect while hidden! Telling us here would be helpful... please!


  • How do you know it is just hidden, did you do some stuff and see new Milestone rewards sitting in Stash ??

    Can you tell what 7-hr event it is ?
  • I know cuz both the 7hr & 22hr Events were hidden (and timing out) after Maintenance last night... the current unknown 7hr Event is likely running as we speak... but without input from our Kabam Overlords... it is unlikely we could possibly determine what it is.

    Help us @KabamMike and any Kabam Moderators checking in to Forum General Discussions!!!

  • Samuel030sSamuel030s Posts: 121
    The Level Up is currently running, no 7 hr event for me, have the Cavalier title.
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