Ant-Man buff idea

Okay, so we all know ant-man isn't exactly terrible. He just doesn't have the most uses.

I also think we could all agree that his poison is the only thing that you work towards while attacking with him. So I was wondering if maybe a buff could help people not be so upset whenever they pull him. I only have a r2 5* antman so his fatigue is set at a 20% chance for light attacks. So maybe someone can help me do the math with a maxed ones abilities. What do you think?

Passive ability?

Once Ant-Man poisons his enemy, his chance to fatigue the target increases by 30% (giving him a 50% chance as a r2 5*)

Now AMs poison from his s2 as a r2 5* deals 528.75 over 18 seconds. So let's add to it.

Each fatigue that is placed on the target adds a stack of poison, doing 420 direct damage over 12 seconds. There is a max of 10 stacks.

Also, this effect lasts the remainder of the fight. Preventing AM from having to spam an s2 over and over.

Is this too OP? I just think it sounds like a good fit for the little guy.


  • ManiacalMeManiacalMe Posts: 57
    I also want to add that the fatigue is turned into poison. And you don't have fatigue and poisons at the same time. Reducing willnpower of course.
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 12,658 ★★★★★
    You should have posted this in "suggestions" category
  • ManiacalMeManiacalMe Posts: 57
    Can I move it? Or does a mod have to do that?
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