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    Yes there are some short comings, sever maintenance etc. But it happened once before and Kabam compensated pretty well. so Calm down and stand with kabam, Hope everything will work out well

    uhhh, no.

    When we get a huge road map for the future with huge changes, and they can't even run the game as is, yeah. We're screwed. They need to get their servers together before we get anything else to add to it. Stand with them all you want but when they can give us a game rather than an old rickety wooden bridge, I'll be ready to join in.
    This is unexpected every company has issues with servers. It sucks it happens. But they’ve been pretty transparent about it today. Theyre working on it, pulled down things that can bug the system and will compensate. Can’t really ask for more.
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    I agreed with this, while KABAM has its mistakes, they're making an effort to change, and even if it fails, I will respect them for trying, keep it up, you guys (and gals) are doing better, THANK YOU!
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    MoeyTehr said:

    Comms could be a bit better. Just explain what the problem is.

    Honestly, this is my biggest issue with them. Not the bugs, but the lack of communication and transparency. I understand things are messy and hectic right now but at least do us the courtesy of acknowledging what's going and tell us how you're working it out.
    The service is out, which would you prefer, then to fix it, or the people who knows that is going on spending time repeatedly going over the problem, that they may not even know the cause of let alone the final solution to, with non technical guys so they put out a communication that may not be accurate and even if is most of the playerbase will not even understand

    "We have an outage affecting these X services" is plenty of notice to us. When I have a cluster down my manager does not know the technical aspects of it, I just work towards it, I tell him what services I am working to restore, in what order, and he alerts the people that needs to know what.
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    As IT system architect, I always be on one wave with colleagues. It is hard, almost 24/7, work, that make happy thousands of people worldwide. As in any work, **** happens. Be patient, they will restore all of their services, and MCOC will shine again!
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    Solswerd said:

    Comms could be a bit better. Just explain what the problem is.

    Not disagreeing with you, but for me...knowing what is causing the problem doesn't mean much. It wouldn't change how long it takes for them to fix it.
    But last year when there was an issue with a node the benifits the players it was fixed in less than 30 minutes..yet 5 years in they still cant fix the horrible lag half the month after almost every update or constant blocks and parries dropping even right after it says parry and mediums and dashes becoming heavies or just plain not doing anything at all! Right let's stand with Kabam..while you are at it how about you turn off the bathroom lights close your eyes count to 10 in front of the mirror and say Kabam 10 times.. They say when you turn the lights back on the kabam CEO will appear and come solve all your problems
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