Who is your favourite "Fun to play" Champion?



  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 20,473 ★★★★★
    Quake. I have a lot of fun with her, plus she’s my favorite character from the best tv show of all time

    Rogue. Rogue is fun, especially against cosmics.
  • World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 3,141 ★★★★★
    Scarlet witch

  • Taiphoon_zeroTaiphoon_zero Posts: 104
    Masacre for sure
  • slackerslacker Posts: 764 ★★★★
    Elsa, those gun shot's sound are so saticfied
  • MaxGamingMaxGaming Posts: 3,118 ★★★★
    Taskmaster, Starlord, Guardian, OG Spidey, OG Blackpanther, Antman, Civil Warrior
  • AleorAleor Posts: 2,969 ★★★★★
    Hyperion for spamming sps
    Killmonger for his animations
  • Giodood_1Giodood_1 Posts: 388 ★★★
  • JhonST33JhonST33 Posts: 491 ★★★
    Sentinel, a lot of fun and utility the same with stealth Spiderman.
  • KnightNvrEndingKnightNvrEnding Posts: 419 ★★
    Probably Elsa as I only r5 over others bc she was fun to play😂
  • GildenlowGildenlow Posts: 687 ★★★
    I have fun using warlock
  • KeriParkerKeriParker Posts: 54
    I love stealthy. One of my favorite champs
  • ShafeeqShafeeq Posts: 569 ★★★
    Greekhit said:

    NC I love intercepting with him 👍

    NC fans
    it is super fun to play with him especially his sword piercing enemies and his dash back graphics plus internal bleed
  • ShafeeqShafeeq Posts: 569 ★★★

    Ronan SG or Iceman.

    Ronan because whenever I use him, he pulverizes them, unless they only have a few buffs, in which case it’s a fun scramble to keep them stun locked for as long as possible and try to get them down.

    SG because of her fun animations and infinite enervate

    Iceman because it’s almost therapeutic to pop the frostbites with your heavy.

    I guess there are 2 SG in the game...
  • booscka2536booscka2536 Posts: 2,490 ★★★★
    civil warrior . love his animations
  • BigDog99995BigDog99995 Posts: 32
    Just pulled CMM and have found her binary ignition extremely satisfying
  • ShafeeqShafeeq Posts: 569 ★★★

    Doom and Blade. I like hitting the special 2s and watching my opponents bleed to death or get incinerated to death.

    That feel is unexplainable
  • ShafeeqShafeeq Posts: 569 ★★★

    How has no one said venom yet?

    I would love venom for his animations and sp1 regen and have him as a 6 star he is really helpful
    he is a tank
  • ShafeeqShafeeq Posts: 569 ★★★
    IMO it is Venom
    Deadpool x force and dr doom

  • MauledMauled Posts: 3,776 ★★★★★

    Bleeds for days and there’s a satisfying brutality to his animations
  • ShafeeqShafeeq Posts: 569 ★★★
    Mauled said:

    Bleeds for days and there’s satisfying brutality to his animations

    SP 2 sound is satisfying plus I have a 4-star venom in rank 5 way before the buff and now i have a 6 star which is a lot of fun
  • Rodomontade_BoiRodomontade_Boi Posts: 1,196 ★★★★
    Archangel. Used a gem on him despite lack of sig stones. Tbh he doesn't need many. It's not impossible to get 4 neuros consistently (I've had 11 at a point in time lol). Plus the pleasure of watching people suffer.
  • WeeHobbit89WeeHobbit89 Posts: 146
    Howard the duck
  • VukoDlakVukoDlak Posts: 19
    Old Man Logan
  • WRIRWRIR Posts: 563 ★★★
    Ghost, cuz her unique playstyle is really different and interesting

    For casual questing OML and Luke cage are fun too. Oml cuz he's wolverine and Luke cage Idk. I think its cuz I used him for a very long time since his buff cuz I lacked immune champs
  • Carracho01Carracho01 Posts: 8
    Nick Fury + CCM
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