I am the worst mcoc player ever. How do i improve?

This pic is my roster.
Hey guys ive been playing the game on and off for 5 years and im still not uncollected. My roster is good enough so no whining there but my skill is so bad and i dont know why im not improving at the game. Im currently stuck on Act 5.2.2. I really dont like the long fights as i find that i lose concentration and slip up badly. Any advice would be appreciated as i feel i'll never become uncollected.


  • Hoodie25Hoodie25 Posts: 291 ★★★
    It would help a lot to know what you’re doing wrong (or think you’re doing wrong). Are you struggling to time your parries? Bait specials? Land intercepts? Dex tricky animations? If you clarify the mechanics that are giving you trouble, then we might be able to give some pointers.
  • Bolt_3Bolt_3 Posts: 38
    I can dex and parry well but im really struggling with the power shield node which makes fights really long and i cant concentrate long enough and slip up.
  • Hoodie25Hoodie25 Posts: 291 ★★★
    Gotcha. One more thing: is there any sort of consistency in the way that you slip up (missing a parry, getting intercepted, etc.) or is it pretty random for the most part?
  • Bolt_3Bolt_3 Posts: 38
    I feel embarassed because there are players with weaker rosters than mine who are uncollected
  • Bolt_3Bolt_3 Posts: 38
    @Hoodie25 Yeah i keep getting intercepted by Juggs
  • CowabungaCowabunga Posts: 75 ★★
    Don't worry. I've personally had trouble with consistently intercepting for a very long time. Just keep practicing and watch some POV videos on YT. Highly recommend Dork Lessons if you need help with parrying, intercepting, dexing, etc. BTW learning how to interecept before 5.2.4 masochism will make your life a lot easier. The collector is a bs fight, so don't give up if you can't beat him the first time. Magik was my mvp for most of the fights, but Vision and DV are also great power controllers. Becoming uncollected is not meant to be easy, but it is definitely worth it for the monthly eq.
  • Hoodie25Hoodie25 Posts: 291 ★★★
    @Bolt_3 in that case, although I’m just guessing, it sounds like you may be over committing. The best times to dash in, generally, are either after your opponent has just thrown a special or a heavy attack, or when they have just dashed back (if the AI does this, their next move will typically be to either hold block or dash forward, meaning you either hit their block or land an intercept). One thing to be aware of is that while most opponents won’t throw specials out of their block, some do (like sabertooth sp1 and killmonger sp2, for example), so you’ll have to adjust for those guys. Although there are more complicated dashing techniques (like stand up intercepts), don’t worry about them just yet - those are typically reserved only for fights where they are absolutely necessary, as they can be fairly high-risk. So as it stands, try to make sure that one of those conditions is present before you dash in, and it should help you avoid being intercepted by your opponent. Of course, in jugg’s case, dashing in after special attacks isn’t an option because of the unstoppable, so stick to punishing his heavy and dashing in if he dashes back (side note: when I pause ever so slightly after they’ve jumped back before I dash forward, I find it increases my chances of landing an intercept). Sorry if that was a lot to take in, but hopefully at least some of it helps!
  • Denslo500Denslo500 Posts: 589 ★★★
    You are at level 48.
    Have you 100% Act 4?

    If not, I would do that and get to level 60.
    Then optimize your masteries.
    Use lots of experience boosts.
  • CrcrcrcCrcrcrc Posts: 7,539 ★★★★★
    I have been playing off and on for almost 6 years and just got uncollected so don’t worry. You get better quickly just by playing anything
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,852 ★★★★★
    unofficial kabam Mike on YouTube has some pretty good fight tips. try not to be overaggressive, but don't let the opponent control the fight. I know that sounds nebulous, but just try not to get flustered. keep reminding yourself of your amazing life and handsome face and flowing hair. confidence is key, especially in long fights
  • Bolt_3Bolt_3 Posts: 38
    Thank you guys for the help, i really appreciate it. after some attempts i am now on 5.2.4 and am practicing dealing with masochism.
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