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What Did You Guys Pull After Boss Rush



  • GhostboytjieGhostboytjie Posts: 1,606 ★★★★
    Bought Featured and Got Storm PX Im defs taking her to r4 . I just finshed lvling cap iw to r5. Got the gold. Just outa Iso
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 29,290 ★★★★★
    Saving for a Featured.
  • Celtic1981Celtic1981 Posts: 41
    4* cull from ultimate, 5 dorm from leg and 5* bwcv for the first time from 5* , so pretty happy
  • GhostboytjieGhostboytjie Posts: 1,606 ★★★★
  • M_Master19M_Master19 Posts: 31
    Legendary crystal- 5* Human Torch
  • Kavya30Kavya30 Posts: 193 ★★★
    Legendary crystal- 5 star punisher 2099
    5 star- darkhawk sig 80
    6 star- hood......

    I’ve just gotten used to it at this point.
  • LogarooLogaroo Posts: 100
    4* OG BW from the legendary and my 5* Juggernaut is now sig 120.
  • ThedancingkidThedancingkid Posts: 274 ★★
    Tigra from featured. Not sure who I wanted really from it but she’ll do.
  • RemeliRemeli Posts: 599 ★★★
    Nothing, stacking the shards for the upcoming dual class xtal
  • Pancake_FacePancake_Face Posts: 1,390 ★★★★
    well idk cause the game went down right before i was about to open my 6*
  • AinyAiny Posts: 108 ★★
    edited July 2020
    pulled another dupe of my 5* Emergency Maintenancer, it's like my 6th one this week smh
  • Pancake_FacePancake_Face Posts: 1,390 ★★★★
    Ainy said:

    pulled another dupe of my 5* Emergency Maintenancer, it's like my 6th one this week smh

  • Whitethunder305Whitethunder305 Posts: 14
    edited July 2020
    Not bad
  • its_kenits_ken Posts: 32
    not sure because the game crashed while the 5* crystal was on the spinner ☹️
  • Whitethunder305Whitethunder305 Posts: 14

    I’ll take it
  • OrdalcaOrdalca Posts: 544 ★★★
    Vision Aarkus 20-40 for main account.
    Darkhawk 0-20 for second account.
  • laxthelaxthe Posts: 51
    5* kingpin & 4* blackbolt from legendary
  • CrcrcrcCrcrcrc Posts: 7,552 ★★★★★
    I pulled a 5* rogue from the legendary and a 5* domino from a 5* crystal
  • Madman_marvinMadman_marvin Posts: 368 ★★★
    Duped 5* Quake from 5*, duped 5* Havok from legendary, then pulled 6* Fantastic
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