• Parthmody12345Parthmody12345 Posts: 16
    I can't log in as well.
  • I haven't been able to log in for over 3 hour's now ! It's ridiculous! I'm trying to get a good on run to get Dr vodoo in the arena and I'm in the middle of a war! I hope kabam are going compensate us for this massive hold up in our progress! !! I'm on android too !
  • Kabam mike where the **** are you fix this mess now
  • Newbot2310Newbot2310 Posts: 12
    Kabaam mike on vacation but can't anyone help us?
  • Parthmody12345Parthmody12345 Posts: 16
    I can't log in as well. I've tried everything
  • I'm also not able to login since last few hours.
    What's going on ?? How can I make my target score in voodoo arena now ??
  • SidSid Posts: 3
    edited June 2017
    Seriously they will only say sorry we apologize and this is your compensation 2 health portion and 1 arena refill
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
    @Kabam Galactic @Kabam Iko @Kabam Valkyrie anyone can make a statement please?
  • MatthewMatthew Posts: 9
    Rank down tickets for comp...cant login....this is bs
  • DjunDjun Posts: 19
    "KABAM: We recently received a report that some players can not get into the game.
    We planned this. I Please all the players who play the game on Android phones to stretch a bit while
    Iphone players make a solid score in the arena.
    Thank you."
  • Frittel69Frittel69 Posts: 1
    This is ridiculous! I don't have that much time that I can devote to this game and now I can't even log in. I've been debating quitting this game for a month or so now. I'd have done it already if I could find one that is as fun as this one.
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
    The waiting continues!!
    No sticky
    No topic
    No message
    No response
    No FIX

    Wake up please , you do know half of your money comes from android users ?

  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
    More than 3h to solve or even say anything!
  • GrandboubouGrandboubou Posts: 3
    Incredible. Nothing is done correctly the first time with kabam.
    Test before going into production. I cant believe you don't have Android on hand to test your development.
  • TorackinTorackin Posts: 3
    Thanks Kabam
  • Cant log in, neither can anyone else in my alliance. Already lost out on hours worth of arena, been playing since launch and never complained but this is very frustrating. I understand that it will take time to rectify, just annoyed and hoping to be compensated, could have passed loads of arena milestones in the time i haven't been able to log in, losing out on shards, units, gold, gotg shards and battle points, also could have completed Hero use rewards.
  • ImmoImmo Posts: 9
    From more than a hour i am trying to log but im getting same error again and again..(Failed to log in)
    Using one plus 3 os 7.1
  • gracigraci Posts: 15
    Kabam you are a big ****.**** you with all your games problems.**** you.i cant play the arena for like 3 hours ago.i have 3 years of playing this **** and i dont have im going for him in the arena and now doesnt work.shame on you group of sa sugeti pula
  • WendellwviWendellwvi Posts: 5
    edited June 2017
    Não estou conseguindo logar no jogo, essa equipe kabam, tá de parabéns faz atualização pra corrigir as falhas e deixa pior do q estava. Fora o prejuízo q vai deixar pra todos não consigo fazer arena , a guerra tá parada e só tenho tempo agora de manhã Parabéns kabam
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
    That's so true @sweetleafsixx66 !! I don't have as many time as others to devote to the game... And now I'm stuck outside when I could've been doing something
  • Blaise85Blaise85 Posts: 1
    This is not correct. Of course, now i have holiday, to play arena to get dr voodoo, and half day, not work the game...
  • This is absolutely unacceptable.
  • Me too
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
    Same here... On my day off with nothing to do and this happens
  • It's not only a Samsung issue. Google pixel here, still can't login.
  • indianapocalypsindianapocalyps Posts: 3
    i wanted to get vodoo in arena but this bug made my day very bad. cant even participate in war
  • altair3008altair3008 Posts: 15
    where the hell is kabam support....facing login issue 4h and still no fix....this is preventing android from arena i am sure about this.....cheater kabam as always they are,....{
  • TheMaskTheMask Posts: 104
    Same here cannot login, stuck at quest, alliance war maybe lost cause many of my alliance members are active now, arena gone, i even took part in alpha arena , oh god im screwed lol
  • bratimp31bratimp31 Posts: 3
    I also am not able to login, i have a galaxy note 5, android version 7.0. I need to finish rockets quest for scrap
    ..duels and arenas..
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