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    Interesting how, as you claim, they urged you to cheat by force-quitting - that seems oddly specific, vs "hey move along bub." I'm not sure why, given Kabam's very recent history of punishing players who egregiously abuse a "known" exploit, people continue to do this, as force quitting is quite possibly the easiest stat to track in the game. You may end up with the last laugh after all is said and done.
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    As a officer, I can say I wouldnt have kicked you for dieing especially if you got up and finished your part. Sometimes though members join and think they deserve more then others. We do 2 bg of AW and rotate members, cause not enough consistent people to do 3 and we still want everyone to get a turn. I always make the brackets and post them omin Line chat. One guy decided he was gonna join anyway. I asked why and where did he see his name? His answer was yeah where is my name? I donate the most (False) I am the most active (false) and I used units to get up to finish my lane (half true, he got up and died again and someone else finished his lane), the AW before this outburst. Now i wasnt gonna kick him and was just gonna go with it and give the guy whos spot he took 2 AWs in a row buy can you guess whay i did after that?

    If you guess kicked him you would be correct.
    that guy told another member to tell me i "was a certain part of the body part i wont mention here" but it my view and every other member he was.

    The point is it's a matter of perspective. Since I dont know the full story. I wouldn't side with anyone but from what you said they were in the wrong.
  • @VandalSavage I totally agree. I play this game to have fun. That group wasn't for me. They created a sour environment. I just want the rewards I deserve. That's all at this point.
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    i have kicked players before rewards before, but they have always been:
    1) new to the alliance (less than a week)
    2) non-communicative. didn't join our Line chat, didn't talk on alliance or bg chat even when directly addressed
    3) and some didn't follow instructions on which bg to join (see point 2)

    sorry you didn't get the rewards from that **** alliance, but if you keep lingering on it they'll have wasted more than the week's worth of your time that you put in and didn't get rewards for. and honestly, they're not worth it.
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    Lucbob wrote: »
    Well they wanted me to cheat and I didn't want to. So I fought through AQ the old way which meant not force quitting. They told me to use my f'ing head and a whole bunch of stuff. This morning I told them I don't have a time machine so I can't fix it. (Didn't matter anyway because I finished that map to a point where I didn't have to fight anymore)and I began cursing them out for not pm'ing me like I said. There's a lot more that I don't want to get into. Hoesntly, Kabam needs to revert back to losing half health when you force quit. Now the honest players getting verbally assulted for not cheating. Idc if this "ruins" something for everyone. People used to play with dignity.


    Lmfao...."began cursing them out". No idea why they would have kicked you.
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    We did that to a guy on accident once. An officer legit didnt know the guy wouldn't get rewards since SA had ended already. We felt pretty bad about it... once we explained to the officer why he was getting angry messages from a guy who'd said he was leaving anyway.
  • @Ja55 read the original post
  • I think something should be done about that. I was kicked a long time ago, right before the end of SA. I don't know if it was on purpose that it happened like that but I was 2nd in contributions and total score was enough to be in top 50% of rank rewards. I got zero for rewards and had no warnings or reason that I should have been booted. I understand if you leave not getting rewards but when kicked on 6th day and 23rd hour, that's just not cool. I had hoped that had changed but I guess things like that still happen.
  • I did notice that if a member leaves or gets kicked, kabam changed that whatever points the player contributed, the alliance no longer gets. At least I don't see "member withdrawn" but points remain now. At least give the kicked player what they deserve and don't rely on officers and or leaders to always do the respectable thing.
  • There is no other side of a fact of no warnings, nothing said, no cross words with a single person in that alliance. A few officers told me that had no idea why I was kicked and was not too happy the way it went down. The point is, if one officer or leader wants to be malicious, it's too easy to rob someone for what they worked for. That's life but why not change it if you could? This is a game and only a game. If I wanted to be beat down, I wouldn't be playing a game.
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    Faru916 wrote: »
    I did notice that if a member leaves or gets kicked, kabam changed that whatever points the player contributed, the alliance no longer gets. At least I don't see "member withdrawn" but points remain now. At least give the kicked player what they deserve and don't rely on officers and or leaders to always do the respectable thing.

    That's incorrect. The alliance does keep the points in whatever event was running. There were alliances years ago during a holiday gifting event that had a revolving door of members so that they could boost their collective score fir that event.
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    @Ja55 I get why they kicked him but im saying if they wanted him to make use of an exploit just forget them because they arent worth your time.
  • @Haji_Saab go talk to them yourself if you care enough. Alli tag DuR. Idc anymore
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    I wholeheartedly agree with you Lucbob.... kicking a person right before they can get their rewards is an absolutely disgusting, cowardly and inhuman thing to do. Part of why I left my old alliance.... I saw the leader kick a guy mere minutes before SA rewards were issued out. The reason? Because he gave short notice that he is leaving. He was consistently in the top 3 of AQ. It just makes people lose respect for the leaders. I wish there was a way for people who contributed a decent amount of points in AQ/SA to be immune to kicking for a period of time.
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    you dont care of this stupid game for idiots lol
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    There’s several alliances that kick before rewards and have a good laugh about it afterwards... one of the worst is The Dirty 30 who have even kicked several players at once before they can collect rewards... then enjoy abusing people on the Line App and then blocking before they can respond.

    Hopefully their reputation will precede them and people will give them a wide birth.
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