Champions it took you a long time to realize their awesomeness?

Which champions did it take you a long time to realize how awesome they are?

It took me 8-9 months of playing before i properly tried out Sunspot and within a few hours he was in my top 5. The same happened with Scarlet Witch a month later. I can't believe i missed out on these amazing champions for so long.


  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 20,616 ★★★★★
    Quake. Was like yeah she’s cool, wish my favorite character.

    Then I realized that holy cow she’s got insane damage
  • Jedi_HawkeJedi_Hawke Posts: 955 ★★★
  • Bawa69Bawa69 Posts: 473 ★★★
    i slept on domino for quite sometime
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 20,616 ★★★★★
    Sirmacool said:

    Lmao. 5 years here. I thought mordo was worthless. Hit worse than KK. Few weeks ago found out you can charge fury with his heavy. Not the best champ but not as bad as I thought he was.

    considering KK hits decently, that’s not bad
  • ChikelChikel Posts: 1,993 ★★★★
    Ghost. I had as 4* but had no idea how to use her. Almost took Vision AOU to r5 over her but common sense and God-sent ally mates prevailed.
  • RapRap Posts: 3,157 ★★★★
    King Groot. He takes damage and then heals...dropped our new improved Magneto as boss in the legendary Treasure island with him today and scooped up 7500 5* shards and 1000 6* shards eith him! (Plus he gives villian points!)
  • SuperiorSymbioteSuperiorSymbiote Posts: 1,862 ★★★★★
    I don’t know why lol but I guess I can get a pass since I was still pretty new to the game but I probably should’ve known even then that cap iw was a fantastic pull
  • PlinkoPlinko Posts: 173 ★★
    Thing for me. He was my first 5* last year. I thought he was just a weak puncher. Then I figured out the rock stacks and champion synergy. Then he carried me through uncollected and cavalier
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 20,616 ★★★★★

    Quake. Was like yeah she’s cool, wish my favorite character.

    Then I realized that holy cow she’s got insane damage

    But she doesn't have "insane damage"

    She's a slower but extremely effective method of destroying things in MCOC

    Insane damage = Ghost, Aegon, Colossus, Omega Red, Hyperion, Corvus
    she had more damage then when I was first using her, and at that point I didn’t have any of those champs except Hyperion
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,852 ★★★★★
    human torch. I pulled him and I was like oh cool he's supposed to be good. then I ignored him for a while. then I tested him on some mystic and was super disappointed and tried a few more times and was still disappointed. I ignored him for a little more and tested him again and looked at some guides for playing him, and I was playing him correctly, which isn't hard because he isn't too complicated lol. now I realize he's pretty dang good
  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,960 ★★★★
    Vision Aarkus
  • JChanceH9JChanceH9 Posts: 656 ★★★
    edited September 2020
    Corvus. I didn’t have one for a long time. He makes map 6 a breeze, and most quests laughable.

    I didn’t understand how to Quake for a long time, but she’s great, and also makes most quests laughable, including Cav EQ outside of buffed up... well, if you don’t use the Heimdall synergies.
  • Charlie21540Charlie21540 Posts: 845 ★★★★
    As odd as mine sounds. It was Aegon. I mean I knew he was awesome but I couldn't hold a combo to save my life. It kinda made me not want to play with him at all, but the more I played with him and got better at intercepting and dodging specials. I was like wow, this guy is pretty freaking awesome....

    When I'm not playing like an entry level player.
  • Esket1t_420Esket1t_420 Posts: 546 ★★★
    rhulk. first thing i thought was wow big red man. and then after building the heat charges i saw big red numbers and truly realized how much of a beast he is
  • GoodGuyTJPGoodGuyTJP Posts: 16
    Psylocke. She's actually an insane power control champ with some nasty crits. I always thought she was crappy before.
  • JhonST33JhonST33 Posts: 493 ★★★
    edited September 2020
    Mr fantastic, power control, taunt, decrease attack base ratting, increase his attack, damage over the time, physical resistance and more.
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