Road to Cavalier rank up advice.

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I am planning a cavalier run (6. 1). I am not sure which champs to upgrade. I will have enough resource to get another r5 soon and can r4 champs when I will get enough t1a. Looking for suggestion on which champs can help me through the easiest path.
Also how is my roster looking for a five month old account?

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    Reminder that you can't bring 4*s into Act 6...but for 5 months damn that's awesome!
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    If you’re considering a run through 6.1 those 4* are irrelevant so I’d probably just upload your 5/6* roster on its own.

    If you’re good I see no reason why you can’t do 6.1 with your champs, don’t forget boosts exist so that’s like a pseudo rank-up.

    Sentinel will be your friend, OML is meant to be good for Crossbones too but I’ve never used him myself.

    The only hard requirement is a good bleed immune that can either heal block or out damage vigour for Crossbones. Sentinel - another stumbling block can be done by anyone, it’ll just be a long long fight. Once he’s at 100 analysis you never need to block again with him as long as you bait SP1s
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    If you are able to awaken Hyperion, he is a beast.
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    I totally forgot four stars are not allowed in act 6. It will be so helpful if they were though.
    Here hoping to get a cosmic gem from calendar AG for hyperion.
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    Hyperion. He can deal with the mr sinister which is an issue for many without a fury champion
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    dude, 5 months? that's incredible. my account is 8 months and i don't even have 1 rank 4 yet. (5*) i can take people up just waiting for gold, iso. working on willpower, suicides. i have finished act 5 and am stuck on 6.1.1 lol. that no retreat is hard without a g-hulk.
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    Became cavalier today.. It was easier than I thought it would be.
  • AceOfDiamondAceOfDiamond Posts: 191 ★★

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