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    I think if you want to keep the rank 3 six star is okay but make that if someone doesn’t have one rank 3 you need to have 6 six star rank 2 to give everyone more chance
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    HI_guys said:

    Lormif said:

    Guytennis said:

    The r3 6* requirement is pretty dumb. The game refuses to give me 6* champs I want to rank up and I’m certainly not going to waste rank up materials on unawakened champs just to get a few more rewards. Very lame.

    you got a caiw and magneto and you dont want to rank them up? wtf is wrong with you?
    Oh now you can order others to rank up champs they don't want to?

    Also how do you know if they have T5CCs to do it anyway?
    where was there an order to rank them up? Stop reading things that are not there.
  • MikeymonstesMikeymonstes Posts: 146
    Curious to see what y'all think. I think this is amazing! I have one r3 from abyss completion and I beat act 6 a couple months ago.
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    Reposting this since I didn't see this discussion before hitting send...

    Why couldn't they wait until they do all the changes to act 6 before rolling this out? Some of us have been waiting to finish it until these happened. It was a huge reason why they had to do the road map, so it's fair to say it was a majority of the playerbase.

    I guess it shows how much my interest in this game has shifted over the last year or two. Before, when they rolled out cavalier I felt the need to push and get it as soon as possible, but now I'm more just annoyed with the requirement of the rank 3 (when these tiny amounts of tier 5 shards based on RNG haven't got me close at all). I have 3 rank 2 six stars, one duped who is worthy of rank 3 - and getting the necessary tier 5 mystic to rank them has been extremely slow and mostly because I cant choose which class I'm getting.

    And that I'm waiting to push for completion because I knew there were changes coming. Some have been made but not all of what they indicated in their road map. Why did this need to come out now when they're not even 6 months into the changes they announced this summer? Just seems confusing and goes against what I thought they understood from the pressure that led to the announced changes.

    I believe the only changes left to be made in Act 6 are the adjustments to the "bottleneck" fights (acid wash Mysterio for instance). You can still complete Act 6 while avoiding basically all of those fights. The only one that is unavoidable and might be changed is the 6.2.2 Mr. Sinister boss fight (my assumption only here). You don't seem to need to 100% Act 6 for the title, just 1 run through.

    I do agree with your gripe about having to have a r3 6* though. And many others in the thread have voiced the same opinion.
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    Maybe it should be has a t5cc. But I think there should be a large separation between cav and throne breaker.
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    i don’t have any problem with the new title and how it works apart from the cavalier crystal shard calendar. this should be available for cavalier players as well. but the new title is great and hopefully i can get through 6.4 soon :))
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    Where is the discussion thread announcing this?
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    There's a thread already on this
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    HI_guys said:

    HI_guys said:

    Barter33 said:

    So I don’t just have the resources for a rank 3 and have act 6 100%.... I have 2 SCIENCE T5CC..... given that I have no science I feel comfortable ranking as a 6*, I think it is a very bad choice to base a progression title on an RNG rank up material.

    This is a choice that you have to make. You are under no pressure to choose one of those Champions if you don't want to. This title is not going anywhere. As T5CC become more common, you'll have more choices, but at this time, this is the way that we have decided to separate the next tier in a way that takes into account both your progression in-game, and your roster progression.

    I was excited and wanted to make a push and then I saw the 6* requirements. It's just act 6 gates all over again.

    We really thought you had moved past it. And it's not based on skill either. People with 100% act 6 now have to r3 champs they don't want because it obviously will make a difference in the rewards and gifts from hereon.
    you´re wrong! nobody has to r3 champs they dont want to!
    How else are they supposed to get throne breaker title.? There's another person here with o ly a skill t5cc and no skill champs to use it on. What will they do?
    just wait for the right champ i guess. personally i´d rank a champ that benefits the fun and usefulness ingame not because of a stupid title.
    im done
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