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According to Hades

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Summoners, you know it by a few different names: Hades, Underworld, Netherworld… Hell. And that, our dearest Summoners, is where we must ask you to go.

Mephisto commands that you ride with Cosmic Ghost Rider and restore Hell to the state of familiar chaos it once was. Enter special Limbo Quests throughout the week to recover Lost Souls and Skeleton Keys, which you can use to unlock Mephisto’s Hades Invasions. Clean up the map defeating Champions and gathering up rewards scattered throughout Hades. Complete 7 Deadly Sins Solo Objectives and partake in the Punishing Arena to earn Special Monsters & Hunters crystal shards and more!

Starts: 10/07/2020 @ 17:00 UTC (10AM PDT)
Ends: 11/04/2020 @ 18:00 UTC (10AM PST)


Each quest will consist of a single (1) path with three (3) fights + Boss fight. These quests will award you Skeleton Keys, which can then be used in Mephisto’s Hades Invasions, according to its assigned Difficulties, e.g. Legendary Invasion will require a Legendary Key. You will also accumulate the Lost Souls of sinners condemned to wander the endless torments of limbo, whether you like it or not. Keep reading, those Lost Souls will serve you well...

No free lunch in Hell, so this is the total Energy cost per Difficulty:
Legendary: 16
Epic: 16
Master: 8
Heroic: 8


Note: Completion/Exploration Rewards will refresh every 24 hours.


You made it. Welcome to Hell.

You will be taken through a total of five (5) quests. It’s tough enough to be in Hell, so hereon you will expend NO ENERGY. You will receive one (1) new quest on the first day; and then further new quests will reveal itself to you every five (5) days, so heed the timeline per quest. Each quest will consist of three (3) fights + Boss fight. As mentioned previously, you will need Skeleton Keys in order to unlock the gates to Hell, e.g. Legendary Key is required to unlock the Legendary gates of Hell. You will be rewarded with many a splendour along the quest paths, and also receive Gold, for those so inclined to Complete and Explore.
Important note: You MUST complete the path in order to claim all rewards on the path. If you exit the path before completing it, the rewards will be returned to the path. You can only claim the rewards on the path ONCE. The paths will be unlocked permanently once you’ve unlocked them the first time.

Lucky for us, Mephisto rules the underworld with some order to his chaos and has afforded us a schedule of his intentions:
Quest 1 - 10/07/2020 @ 17:00 UTC (10AM PDT)
Quest 2 - 10/12/2020 @ 17:00 UTC (10AM PDT)
Quest 3 - 10/17/2020 @ 17:00 UTC (10AM PDT)
Quest 4 - 10/22/2020 @ 17:00 UTC (10AM PDT)
Quest 5 - 10/27/2020 @ 17:00 UTC (10AM PDT)



Trade in all the Lost Souls collected for special boosts for use in the Hades Invasions.

Starts: 10/07/2020 @ 17:00 UTC (10AM PDT)
Ends: 11/04/2020 @ 18:00 UTC (10AM PST)

Mephisto acknowledges the...challenge...that will no doubt arise for mere mortals in the underworld, and so he has granted you all the benefit of Soul Boosts (exclusive to Mephisto’s Hades Invasions). You may have suspected, but any benefit from the underworld comes at a cost. Remember those Lost Souls you accumulated? This is where you can trade them in for your Soul Boosts. Each Soul Boost will cost you 100 Lost Souls.

And, here is all we know about the various types of Soul Boosts:

Soul of Wrath - The Attacker is Immune to Incinerate. Whenever an Incinerate fails to apply to the Attacker due to an Immunity, the Defender gains a Fury Passive, increasing Attack Rating by 40% for 8 second(s). This Boost can only be used in the "Hades Invasions" Quest.

Soul of Sloth - The Attacker is Immune to Coldsnap. Whenever a Coldsnap fails to apply to the Attacker due to an Immunity and the Defender isn't Stunned, the Defender gains an Evade charge, granting 100% chance to Evade the next attack for 6 second(s). 1 Evade charge(s) are removed when the Defender Evades. This Boost can only be used in the "Hades Invasions" Quest.

Soul of Envy - The Attacker is Immune to Poison. Whenever a Poison fails to apply to the Attacker due to an Immunity, the Defender gains an Unstoppable Buff for 7 second(s). This Boost can only be used in the "Hades Invasions" Quest.

Soul of Pride - The Attacker is Immune to Bleed. Whenever a Bleed fails to apply to the Attacker due to an Immunity, the Defender gains 20% of a Bar of Power. This Boost can only be used in the "Hades Invasions" Quest.

Soul of Greed - The Attacker is Immune to Shock. Whenever a Shock fails to apply to the Attacker due to an Immunity, the Defender Regenerates 10% of their maximum health over 2 second(s). The Regeneration has an 8 second cooldown. This Boost can only be used in the "Hades Invasions" Quest.

More on Lost Souls…
The thirst for souls in Hades has put you in yet another advantageous position with your accumulated Lost Souls. Rumour has it, Mephisto will also take Lost Souls in exchange for Skeleton Keys, should you wish to go the extra mile in Hades.

Here is the deal:
300 Lost Souls for a Legendary OR Epic Key
150 Lost Souls for a Master OR Heroic Key

Hell hath no better offer!


Starts: 10/07/2020 @ 1700 UTC (10AM PDT)
Ends: 11/04/2020 @ 1800 UTC (10AM PST)

In between Mephisto’s bidding, you may also want to indulge in one, two or... seven... positively sinful side gigs for even more rewards, the likes of Gold, Attack Boosts, Arena Boost Crystals, Energy Refills, Champion Boosts, Health Boosts and sinfully special Profile Badges.

Give in to GREED; open Golden, Greater Golden or Uncollected Golden Crystals.

Unleash your WRATH; win fights by dealing the finishing blow with a Special Attack 2.

Take PRIDE in your work; win all your fights in an Arena Series.

Make a SLOTH of your opponent; perform Dextrous dodges by dodging an opponent's attack at the moment of impact.

Give in to LUST; defeat Champions involved in Romance Synergy.

See a Champion you like on the arm of another Summoner? Open Monsters & Hunters Crystals and satisfy your ENVY.

Feed your GLUTTONY; consume any level single Health Potion or Revive.

And… for our very enthusiastic Cavaliers (ONLY)...

Don't DESPAIR; beat Legendary Limbo Quest with a Team Rating of 10,000 or lower for a 10% T5CC Fragment Crystal.


Starts: 10/07/2020 @ 1700 UTC (10AM PDT)
Ends: 11/04/2020 @ 1800 UTC (10AM PST)

Bring your 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 star Champions into the Arena for a chance at Monsters & Hunters Crystal Shards! The meek shall rise, the mighty will fall! Earn more points with lower rarity Champions! But be forewarned, this Arena is named the Punishing Arena for a reason! There are only Milestone rewards in this Arena and there are no Rank rewards. HOT TIP: 1-Stars should give out the most points and 5-Stars the least amount of points.


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  • Vivek_786Vivek_786 Posts: 218

    Vivek_786 said:

    Amazing 🔥

    You haven't even read this lol
    No lol
    This event is a little similar to event when mephisto was released...
    The cavalier 7rh objective is really amazing with boost on..
    And the arena granting more points for 1 star champion use with some revive stuff is very helpful for me as I'm only left with 6.4.6
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 7,762 ★★★★★
    This is pretty amazing, good amount of 6 star shards
  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,990 ★★★
    edited September 2020
    Wait the soul boost give a buff to the defender or to us it states that the if a immunity triggers the defender gains a effect based on the soul boost
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 12,763 ★★★★★
    So for this, we need to do 1x time any path on the Side event quest, in order to get the 10% T5CC ... Is that it?
  • rivetrivet Posts: 244
    For the reward, are you only be able to do 1 difficulty at your choice and get the corresponding reward, or can you do all difficulty levels and got all rewards?
  • BlackTuranBlackTuran Posts: 539 ★★★
    So can we run all the difficulties or is there a limit
  • TheHoodedDormammuTheHoodedDormammu Posts: 1,448 ★★★
    Wait, so can we do the Limbo quests as many times as we want as long as we have the energy?
  • rivetrivet Posts: 244
    Team ratings, that sounds like we have to take off suicide and other masteries that boost Pi off to do the quest
  • CtuchikCtuchik Posts: 352 ★★
    No hint at what champions monsters and hunters crystals will contain? 2-4 stars champs or even 5/6 stars?
  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 7,981 ★★★★★
    So if I'm understanding this correctly, then the way the side quest works seems to be pretty much the exact same as the current one (rewards on the paths, you can exit out of the quest and go back in with no consequences, 3 fights on a path, then a boss fight), but with a preceding quest to get the keys for the paths rather than objectives. Plus there are Monster/Hunter crystals. You can get shards for em through a special arena and special objectives. And you can get all the rewards rather than just 35. I'm hyped!

    Please correct me if I'm wrong though. I never seem to understand these announcement the first read through. 😂
  • RiderofHellRiderofHell Posts: 3,869 ★★★★★
    I dont like the fact that punishing arena gives 1* champs more pts when kabam knows damn well majority of the community dont have 1*! How lost are we the community really???
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