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Antman missing SP1 after “4th Light” ending combo... STILL

Reported several times by different ppl starting early 2019. Continued earlier this year (2020). Still happening now too.

Just used Antman (against Rocket) in Arena, MLLLL-SP1 (as well as just 4 hit LLLL-SP1) fails to make contact for first hit of SP1 (opponent too far away).
Confirmed testing in Duels against same opponent as well as against another (Hyperion), same prob.
iPad 6th Gen (has 4:3 aspect, unlike extra wide Samsung’s 16:9, not sure if that matters for bug).

Medium-ending into SP1 works, as well as Light-ending so long as opponent against wall.

But in open space, Light-ending fails to land 1st hit of SP1 every time. So opponent can then start to block before 2nd hit of SP (or if doesn’t start to block then only your 2nd hits and beyond will land).

Prev threads (1st has a previous “provide more into” reply from @Kabam Lyra, with follow-up Video)...


  • Do you have any footage of this happening in this update?
  • Sorry, I don’t have account to upload video.
    But did do many times, trying different L-ending vs M-ending, against at least couple different opponents.

    Maybe @Kimil or someone else can make an updated one, showing case of MLLLL-SP1 where 1st hit of SP1 misses, and then also again when defender close to wall showing it then working.
    And tell here what Device/OS (and if 4:3, or wide 16:9) is used.
  • KimilKimil Posts: 84
    Let me have a play around this afternoon and i'll post here if i get a repeat.
  • KimilKimil Posts: 84
    edited October 2020
    Here we go, a whole bunch of combos, in space, against the wall, whiffs only happened ending with SP1 after a light ending combo in open space. @Kabam Zibiit @SummonerNR
    iPhone 11 Pro Max -iOS 14.0.1

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