Dash Back After Special Not working [Fix in Progress]



  • Mainly Arch Angel and magik 2 of my best champs aa is s 4* 4/40 magik is a 5* 2/30
  • Sony Xperia 7.1.1.
    Every game play every character, an issue with blocking and special moves. It's more noticeable with unblockable move. Loki's 2nd special attack for example. There's also has been problems logging in, seems to to ages one time then straight away another.
  • My Hulk is unresponsive following his S2. Can confirm this happened in iron fist arena, and event quests. Iphone 5s, ios 10.3.3. Most recent version of the game.
  • All champs in all areas of the game....Iphone 6+ on Ios 11.0 and latest version of game. I can deal w it in arena but these issues completely thwart my desire to attempt in finishing Act 5.3....

    And for those curious who the “Beta testers” are....safe to assume it’s each and everyone one of us that play and are here in the forums.
  • AndyB1985AndyB1985 Posts: 29
    There absolutely must be another boycott of Kabam. Hitting their wallet brought the most immediate and effective results.
  • SjanddsSjandds Posts: 117
    Seriously what more bugs we expect in future first vision sp bug then double evade bug . There was already swipe gesture bug . But now dashback and dashforward prob. What else you want to your playera to suffer . With the currents bugs only arena is playable for which i don't have much tym . Please fix atleast dashback and dashforward . I really dont expect much from you kabam in bug fixes . But atleast fix those bugs which can make the game atleast playable
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 6,661 ★★★★★
    Lost my Magik in war. L2 power lock is great...unless she just stands there afterward waiting to get destroyed. Also parry is much worse since you fixed it. Medium hits are basically stun immune now and the timing is off. Was much better before the update. At least you managed to fix close the app...
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,850 ★★★★
    They fixed Dr Stange fast though...so I'm sure it will be only a couple more hours before the rest is fixed..lol
  • I don't really swipe back after specials. But I do try to attack, especially with hulk when they're stunned. But I'm unable to move for a split second, long enough to throw the timing off. Was never an issue before. Magik also hesitates. Galaxy s8.
  • I'm having issues with blocking. MOST, not some, of the time my while I'm holding block, my character will just drop the block and charge the opponent. I'm getting annihilated on master due to this. You're very welcome for the $1000+ I've given you by the way Kabam
  • i found after using hulks and captain america and lot of champions sp1 when i try to dash towards enemy to attack my champions stands there and throws punches in there instead of swipe attack
  • Brutus2099Brutus2099 Posts: 39
    edited September 2017
    Same issue dashing back and forward after SP1 and SP2 attacks. Definitely cost me when the enemy has gotten up and laid into me cause im frozen....

    iPhone 7 iOS 11 - All characters, all modes i have noticed this in.

    The bug is easily replicated and there are some fantastic videos showing the issue here. You need to fix this for the player base ASAP as after recent shenanigans from this game people are already at their whits end.
  • AmigouSAmigouS Posts: 5
    I noticed that parry sometimes doesn't work at all. I noticed that in the Labyrinth of Legends using iPad Pro 10.5"
  • Using huawei P9 lite having problems with overall movement fighting with my 3*dupes and 4*, with 4*dupes it's even worse.
    It's like I have to foresee and imagine when the attack comes. Seems to me that processing the stats while fighting gets hard on the "build", especially when there's alot of stats (higher levels and rankings) involved.
    Maby I just gotto get me a new phone..
  • rp91rp91 Posts: 55
    There’s issue with l1 of sw, after using l1 the opponent is able to hit me with a combo of hits that sucks if I gotta use l1 then have to maintain my distance otherwise its taking too long for sw to come back to normal and in that time being get hit and while in fights the game is getting struck with slowmo actions this all started with new iOS 11 so if guys can check this issue too it would be helpfull
  • SvensktigerSvensktiger Posts: 84
    edited September 2017
    This is a video showing me unable to block/dash back after i have finished a light combo. Same issue as with SPs when they are in a corner. Yesterday my magics sp2 got interupted halfway into the animation.

    Edit unable to upload the file...says file not allowed, so how do i upload?
  • VishVish Posts: 11
    edited September 2017
    I m using redmi note 4 with nougat android. I may having same issue till now with IM, Magik, Luke cage, RR. This issue started after the recent update.
  • Nexus_UY_ScutiNexus_UY_Scuti Posts: 480 ★★
    Same goes for dashing forward using Gambit. Messes up the chain stun that i isually do after his SP1.

    Are Kabam intentionally delaying the response time after SP attacks. Such a major change should be made known in the patch notes.
  • AfflictionAffliction Posts: 381 ★★
    *Crickets chirping*
  • beaupoembeaupoem Posts: 444
    what's new?
  • Oliverb1980Oliverb1980 Posts: 84
    still no word? not even an acknowledgment? I mean this isn't even at the level of the dash+simultaneous attack where it was a bit hard to reproduce.
    I used Spidergwen and NC same thing happened to me it cost me completing my path in war thanks kabam people are literally rage quitting deleting your game over this FIX THIS.
  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 652 ★★★
    This is absolutely an issue. I've had it happen on 3 different Android devices, and 2 Apple devices. The champs just stand there for a split second instead of being able to move after any special. I suppose you were trying to nerf stun lock with Thor but u screwed it up across all champs. Thanks again, Kabam!

    Xiao mi pad 1,3, meizu 4 pro phone

    iPad 3rd generation, iPad 7 plus.

    This is an intentional nerf.
  • luffy_91luffy_91 Posts: 27
    This is a big issue. Its not just any champion that's broken, it's the game. As far as i can tell this is happening with every champion available in the contest. Their reaction time after using a special has increased upto a point where you can't even use a special because if you do, your champion is just going to stand there doing nothing for like a sec and ultimately get pummeled by the opponent.
    FIX THIS @Kabam Miike.
    187 wrote: »
    still no word? not even an acknowledgment? I mean this isn't even at the level of the dash+simultaneous attack where it was a bit hard to reproduce.

    Be patient. Kabam just follows the usual routine after an intensively beta-tested bug is released:

    1. Asking players to release device and champion information in order to help the team to "locate" (lol) the bug. For a couple of days Kabam will go quiet, if pressed too hard they will remind you to provide more data (that is so essential), and will just keep on closing threads for different or even no reasons.
    2. Around mid of the month they will acknowledge, that they were able to reproduce/locate the bug. The developers are now working hard to find a proper fix. Besides that Kabam will go quiet, if pressed too hard they will remind you that they are working on a solution, and will just keep on closing threads for different or even no reasons.
    3. With the new update for next month around the corner the team will announce that they were able to find a fix for the bug. They will thank the community for providing essential information, that helped them to find a fix. Besides that Kabam will go quiet, if pressed too hard they will remind you that a fix will be included in next update, and will just keep on closing threads for different or even no reasons.

    We are still at the beginning of stage 1. Meanwhile they are busy reviewing the impact on revenues of the current bug, while testing future bugs for the upcoming release. As a longtime player you should become used to it.

    Yes and we'll have to deal with it for a month and I know no one with half a brain will purchase units or deals during this period
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