Tech Awakening Gem

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I've been hoarding this tech ag for a while, and I don't know who I want to use it on. I've pulled 3 tech ag in a row so far, and I used the first 2 on IMIW and Sentinel. Who should I awaken next? Here are my options:

Tech Awakening Gem 24 votes

Punisher 2099
manveertherealUnidentifiedCreatureMamamama 3 votes
Doc Ock
SwarmOfRavens 1 vote
Continue saving for someone else
AzKicker316MagrailothosDarkSoulDLXBrokenIBlueShiftIRabangaRookiieEtjamaDarkDuelistBonzodavidBerjibsRenaxqqDoctor_Strange19Unknown_TravelerWrecktifier21TheBair123CrcrcrcThantonNuclearOrkNegative_100 20 votes
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    Continue saving for someone else
    Save for Sparky, G2099, Ghost, Warlock, or any other God Tiers
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    Continue saving for someone else
    Ghost or Guilly, certainly. Guardian or Sparky, maybe

    Mysterio doesn't need it.

    Not does Warlock, really. I'm sitting on a 5/65 Warlock and a Tech AG, and they aren't coming together any time soon.

    Having said that: P2099 is a lot better now, and Doc Ock is also a very decent champ. Both get significantly better when Awakened.

    If you enjoy their abilities and play-styles, then you could certainly do worse than giving it to one of them. It certainly wouldn't be a waste; as opposed to (for example) choosing to Awaken Howard the Duck or Ultron.
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    Continue saving for someone else
    Even guardian is better than these options by far - I really like guardian he is simply incredible

    Edit: But not when his animations start to lag
  • manveertherealmanveerthereal Posts: 636 ★★
    or save for ghost
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