Get a Free 3-6 Star Baron Zemo this Week!

Log in to the Summoner's Market at and claim the Baron Zemo Selector between 10am PT November 24 and 10am PT on December 1st.

Proven and Below: 3-Star
Conqueror/Uncollected: 4-Star
Cavalier/Thronebreaker: 5-Star
Paragon/Valiant: 6-Star

You can only claim this Baron Zemo one time. The Baron Zemo is delivered as a selector, claiming it will require you to choose your rarity immediately. If you plan to change your Progression level during the Cyber Week event, we suggest you wait until you have made that change before claiming this selector.

Why again i can't find to get a four star champion in premium hero crystal?



  • unknownunknown Posts: 378
    Sheikh9821 wrote: »
    To the committee of marvel contest of champion it's my request that since the beginning i have been opening premium hero crsytal i am enable to find a four star champion please ensure that the next a play the gsme it ensure chances for 4 star 50% my account name is shakib shaikh

    English please...
  • MillybearMillybear Posts: 113
  • Yes it seem like a couple years back 4* were easier pulled from PHC. But now takes months of opening before i see a 4* With the new, to be released 6* they should be giving 4* out like the way they give lower level champs. Im very dissapointed with the direction kabam has gone with this game. Frustration is setting in, thinking of deleting App.
  • Endo915Endo915 Posts: 40
    Why would you want a four star?? They're worth less than toilet paper.. Trust me toilet paper is pretty expensive now, and still more valuable than a four star in the game.
  • unknownunknown Posts: 378
    edited October 2017
    Why? So you can waste resources on a hero that is obsolete already?
  • The secret to get a 4* from PHC is pretty simple,just close your eyes when spinning the crystal and said the word "Be The Crane" and stop the crystal
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,975 ★★★★★
    I opened a four star shard crystal today and got Nebula, which was i was okay with. Not over the moon, but okay. Then I opened two PHC shard crystals - and got another 4* Nebula!

    It's random chance, but the 4* champs are in there. And sometimes they have great comic timing.
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