2500 5-star shards.... is it enough



  • Tylaw07Tylaw07 Posts: 33
    I didn't get my 5-star shards either pretty pissed
  • DdinhamDdinham Posts: 17
    It's basically the shards they forgot to put in the calendar
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 30,079 ★★★★★
    Ddinham wrote: »
    It's basically the shards they forgot to put in the calendar

    They never forgot to put Shards in the Calendar. Every month is different.
  • lol if that special bug caused you to use that many potions in aq and war then yall need to practice more.. step yo game up, these were some good free rewards to me.
  • The shards topped me off for a spin, received cap, he’ll go nicely with my 5* antman, IP, HB, Netflix DD and the rest of my garbage 5*s.....shards mean nothing to me, I’d rather they give nothing and have potions on for 50-75% off everytime they destroy the game with their unproven updates....what do they have a room full of chimps doing the beta runs? Cruelty to animals for sure!
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    That is absolutely garbage. I'm not talking for myself cause I didn't use a single potion but I know a lot of people who spent tons of revives and potions because of the bugs. with 2.5k shards you don't get back anything you lost.
  • RagamugginGunnerRagamugginGunner Posts: 2,210 ★★★★★
    The bare minimum amount to make enough people stop **** long enough to release their new round of bugs.
  • Kennyskillingu_1Kennyskillingu_1 Posts: 3
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    Agreed Badrose.....Pretty hard to take on the tougher content when your specials misfire and the screen freezes steady, which limits what you can actually enjoy out of this game.

  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 30,079 ★★★★★
    It's pretty impossible to gauge who used what. How do you make that judgment? No matter what they give, it would be seen as insufficient by some. People used more, and people used less. Some used no Resources at all.
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    Ja55 wrote: »
    Ja55 wrote: »
    What we're talking about has nothing to do with War. The compensation is for the issues with 15.1. Not the War System. Nor does the War situation warrant Tickets, and they've said that they're for changes to how the Champs function, many times. Where I am in the game really has no bearing on the conversation. I am informed enough on both issues, thanks.

    Per usual correcting everyone because you know everything. Try being a wee bit informed next time you pretend to be a mod.b5eq5tay2pd8.png
    The Compensation was for 15.1. Yes, there were also issues with the Nodes not being present. It was not to compensate for Wars having a new dynamic, and not for Rank Down Tickets to adjust to 15.0. The main reason is things not working as intended. I'm not pretending to be a Mod. Perhaps it would be best to get some context before making personal attacks.

    Where do you come up with these "facts"? It states 15.1 and the update to alliance wars decreased the enjoyment. Read, comprehend and comment. Please try to do it in that order to try to limit false information and keep this thread moving in the correct direction.

    These "facts" are based on being present in many Threads, and knowing what prompted the Compensation. Decreased enjoyment is another way of saying frustration because it wasn't working properly. It was not to compensate for the changes made by 15.0 to Wars, or to adjust our Defense Roster. This is the last that I will engage with you.
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    Happy to receive the shards, it's probably a months worth.

  • SlickpeteySlickpetey Posts: 89
    Here is my feedback on the 2500 5* shards:

    First, thank you for doing something. I’m happy it wasn’t ignored and I definitely appreciate the gesture.

    Where I think things fell a bit short with the 2500 shards. My alliance was Tier 2 in AW when the diversity change occurred. Upon this change, we lost 6 straight wars (I can screen shot if necessary). While I don’t think we would have won all 6 of those wars, we definitely would have won 3 or 4 and gotten a good chunk of 5 * shards. The reason I bring this up is we lost those wars due to diversity and while losing those wars, many of us spent units and used items because we were dying due to bugs.

    So, while I fully appreciate the 2500 5* shards, I certainly would have appreciated compensation in the form of units as I spend real world dollars on units because of deaths around bugs. I may also be a little biased as I have 14 5* Champions and value units more than I do 5* shards. I do understand that I would be difficult to figure out how much people spent on units and whether or not those units went toward purchasing revives and heals due to deaths caused by bugs.

    Either way, thank you for doing something
  • DemonicStalkerDemonicStalker Posts: 173
    The bugs are getting worse by the day and the compensations are getting lesser each time. How does 2500 5* make up for the amount of health and rev pots, units and glory spent just to finish quest, aq, war and arenas? Just so you know, players are not greedy. Players want to be adequately compensated. Even if you put out the daily potions quest for a week also is not adequate as players are forced to use energy to run it (and probably face more fight bugs). But instead you decided to put out a potions offer few days back. Seriously kabam, r u mocking your players' intelligence? A game filled with bugs after every update from you hitting a variety of devices and you have the audacity to put out a potions deal offer?! How low can you stoop?!

    Changing war rules to including defenders diversity points renders most champions useless. War is a team game. There will be players having to upgrade "other non-effective" champions to meet diversity requirements. Shouldn't Rank-Down Tickets be made available as an adequate compensation?

    2500 5* shards should only serve as a bonus for all the extra time wasted (on quest, arenas, aq and aw) and only AFTER all the adequate compensation been handed out. Instead, kabam just take the bonus compensation and gives out for free and assumes the rest of the community to just accept it gracefully because kabam is actually giving something as compensation. And this 2500 5* shards gift came AFTER you put up a 6000 units offer for 7500 5* shards. It's more of a "bait" compensation than anything else.

    This is one game where the developers go all out to test their player base mental state with every update. Instead of keeping to their promises of "making the game better", they go the other path and made sure that OPs that criticized, insult and mocked them are banned from the forums.
  • NinjAlanNinjAlan Posts: 358 ★★★
    2500 shards is a nice gesture, and I appreciate it as I was also expecting nothing, but this raises 2 concerns.
    1. We shouldn't EXPECT nothing, compensation is a legitimate concern and expectation in this instance , and I'm not talking in the form of energy hogging quests
    2. I feel this is even more of a disconnect. Shards make sense for the lost shards from the extensive downtime of aw during the rollout of the new system. Players want their money (cash or units) restored, not items or shards.

    Again, the guesture is appreciated, I just feel this isn't really compensatory for the issues the game has been facing
  • Ashman331Ashman331 Posts: 3
    I did not receive the 2500 5* compensation and many if my alliance members did not receive either. Please help!
  • Arus25Arus25 Posts: 158
    my ally never affected by the bug.
    In aq, we cover each other
    Yes we only run map 5 so we not so affected.

    In aw, we just lose if we lose. U never able to win all the time in aw.

    But thanks to you all.
    Now i getting free rewards while still not spending despite of bugs

    I dont know i should be happy because there is bug or not
  • Vulkan7Vulkan7 Posts: 17
    Im sure Kabam will get beat earnings estimates this month off the praise and kind words of the OP gracious with this "gift". They'll be rich in praise as us base fans who spend, feel insulted and leave the game.
  • adqqedfyvradqqedfyvr Posts: 463
    Anything is great. I wasn't expecting anything so happy with shards
  • todddutodddu Posts: 1
    I haven't received any 5 star shards yet !!! jus wondering when I will get them
  • Arus25Arus25 Posts: 158
    todddu wrote: »
    I haven't received any 5 star shards yet !!! jus wondering when I will get them

    What ur mcoc version now
  • spideypoolspideypool Posts: 31
    Im in the same boat, i didnt get no shards.. and yes, ive updated, turned off and on, signed off and signed back on. whats the point, not like anything ever gets fixed or is fair.
  • 2500 5* shards = a quarter of a five star
    one five star from the best kabam offer is an odin, which is worth 3100 units
    so a quarter of 3100 is 775 units, which is approximately the lost from those bugs
  • j00mBAj00mBA Posts: 24
    Finally my son got a full 5* crystal with these shards. He is level 21 and has 5 3* and 1 4*.
    The 2500 shards are better than nothing but do not address the actual issue, but hey, its good to be appreciated.
  • xion360xion360 Posts: 88
    I used a GRAND TOTAL OF "0" Items during the issues of 15.1.0 & was not expecting any compensation, I must admit was a little surprised with the shards tho. I do agree mixed potions & revives would have been more appropriate to the issues experienced, but if you take the time to figure out the actual cause of the issues (special glitch) & find a comfortable medium to where it happens very rare or not at all then this would have saved some of you guys units or items. I did duels until I came to realize how to avoid my specials not working and what "I thought was causing the issue" some players had different circumstances, but for me firing specials after a full 5 hit combo MLLLM I never once had a special miss fire.
  • TheMaskTheMask Posts: 104
    zero7 wrote: »
    j00mBA wrote: »
    Finally my son got a full 5* crystal with these shards. He is level 21 and has 5 3* and 1 4*.
    The 2500 shards are better than nothing but do not address the actual issue, but hey, its good to be appreciated.

    he is level 21 and he ‘finally’ got enough shards for a 5*? i think it’s more like he is level 21 and he ‘already’ got enough shards for a 5*, which is incredible, really.

    And thats the point everyone are making people at level 21 are getting 5*s , so now one can see why units, potions, revive mean more than shards...it definitely is a nice gesture from kabam for all screws ups done and i am thankful for that,... but the community just needs what they lost during this game breakdown period and nothing more.
  • I am on level 23 and i have 4 four star and now i have 7500 5 star shard
  • VandalHeartVandalHeart Posts: 7
    2500 shards is fine & good, but anything given to us in a game that doesn't work properly is worthless unfortunately.
    Appeasement wouldn't be required if the bugs vanished.
    Would prefer that please!
  • Thanks for the 5* shards, It's a nice deed and much appreciated. However a small suggestion, tier1 people and those playing map6 especially day3 onwards deserve little better because it was real nasty at times and some of the unlucky people who were assigned tough lanes literally went bankrupt to clear it for team or out of fear of getting ousted.
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