Is Sunspot Overrated?

MaxGamingMaxGaming Posts: 2,726 ★★★★
Yes that guy the mass damage with the sp2 after spamming sp1 to build damage or however you play him thats the guy with his weak incinerates and all.
Sunspot is an interesting champion for well actually we now have seen many mass power champions that charge and get to sp2 to do mass damage recently come out. For example Guardian and Longshot both are great! The reason I made this is to ask is he overrated or is he fine as he is? We the reason I ask is because it is just straight up damage unlike Longshot with his debuff he gives the enemy or Guardian that has Big Red Numbers AKA the extra bonus damage for everyone who hasn't seen it, sunspot relies on ordinary damage just regular damage. This could be countered easily by damage caps and its not like he can rely on his incinerate damage as we all know it isn't as great. If you play in high content like act 5 higher or look at the Monthly Quests recently damage caps have been sorta appearing a bit more often than you would like. And unlike debuff or bonus damage he has Regular damage that can be caped so with damage caps being more frequent he could be less useful and here i ask is he overrated for this as people think he is top champion but can be easily bad when given the Damage Cap which as I said has been appearing more often. So will he be useful and not overrated or the opposite?

Is Sunspot Overrated? 258 votes

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Nope, fine as is
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  • DodgerDogDodgerDog Posts: 86
    His perfect block will be very useful in act7. The block damage is high up in there. At least it was during beta.
  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,847 ★★★★★
    Totally. not top5 mutants for me atleast
  • TheGodmasterTheGodmaster Posts: 123 ★★
    no he is worth his rank
  • MetalJakeMetalJake Posts: 343 ★★
    Nope, fine as is
    It’s all ab the GAURANTEED perfect block
  • Rouger4Rouger4 Posts: 616 ★★★
    I don’t think he’s overrated by the forums but he is overrated my the mcoc community at large. He’s designed as a sustainable path clearer with massive damage , his lack of utility restricts him from some nodes but he serves his purpose perfectly.
  • Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 2,418 ★★★★
    Nope, fine as is
    I don’t think anyone really overhypes him. He’s a cool champ with great damage who lacks in general utility, but still has a pretty niche set of abilities that can make him very valuable.
  • DonDudu2809DonDudu2809 Posts: 294 ★★
    Just a tiny bit overrated.
  • BonzodavidBonzodavid Posts: 587 ★★★
    I dont use my rank 2 6* at all with the exception of cavalier eq disstrack.

    He just doesn't have much utility. I can hardly justify bringing him along on any team.
  • FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 1,498 ★★★★
    Does he help finish relevant content?

    If yes then he’s not overrated. If no, then you have your answer.

    You probably could exchange Sunspot for a dozen or so other champs and have the same discussion. I think part of it is user preference.
  • FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 1,498 ★★★★
    Helpyy said:

    He is just a worse guardian.

    Really? How so? I do like Sunspot’s perfect block ability. It’s a unique one
  • MauledMauled Posts: 3,019 ★★★★★
    Not a huge fan of him personally, objectively I know he’s a beast, I just don’t get along with him.
  • JoshKosh557JoshKosh557 Posts: 2,351 ★★★★★
    KRoNX1 said:

    He is the salt of a roster , if that makes sense. He is there to assist other utility matchup specific champs by clearing fights where we dont need them. His perfect block helps in continoues fights.

    So he is like domino
  • KRoNX1 said:

    He is the salt of a roster , if that makes sense. He is there to assist other utility matchup specific champs by clearing fights where we dont need them. His perfect block helps in continoues fights.

    So he is like domino
    no he has reliable damage unlike domino
  • Destroy4589Destroy4589 Posts: 250 ★★★
    Nope, fine as is
    He is my favorite mutant after colossus. His utility is awesome and he is rated just fine. When I was exploring act 6, he helped me through a lot of paths and his perfect block is awesome. He also gets extended parry stun cause of his perfect block which is very useful. Just take him against lifecycle, limber black bolt in 6.3.1. He has infinite stuns there and one of the best counters for that fight imo. You can literally clear entire paths without taking any block damage as long as you play well
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