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Which next content should I focus on ?

LeoCruzLeoCruz Posts: 33
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Hi, Guys need your help in deciding which next content I should focus on. I have done Abyss easy path completion, Variant 6 and Book 2.1 (Act7.1) completion. Have saved up around 10K units. I have a well-stacked roster with 34 Rank 5 5* or/and R2 6* champs. Also, I have Ghost, Sunspot, and Sym Sup as 6* Rank 3. Which content should I go for first?

Which next content should I focus on ? 16 votes

Abyss of Legends Path 2
Gr8TonyStark 1 vote
Variant 6 100% Exploration & Book 2.1 (Act 7.1) 100% Exploration
MeebletonKill_GreyBlackshadow0203Deadline18Flappy_Ninja64BonzodavidNimorAATTHassamaMamaMauledTheInfintyWill3808Thebombsquad1Barani7daTop10Football 15 votes
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  • MauledMauled Posts: 2,907 ★★★★★
    Variant 6 100% Exploration & Book 2.1 (Act 7.1) 100% Exploration
    You can do 7.1 exploration inside 500 units
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