I decided to take it easy with 7.1 exploration, but my friends kept asking: "When will you finish act 7?" When will you open a Nexus?". Sooo, i decided to explore it. We kept thinking what i was going to get. Some said that i will dupe one of my Cyclopses, other said i will get oron patriot, but we all said that i was probably going to finally get a Beyond God Tier 6 star. And we all said that i am getting Doom. I don't even have him as a 5 star so he was probably on top of my wishlist. I didn't really think i'd get him, but i hoped.
The time has come and i opened my Nexus.
This happened:

I was SOOOO happy, and i still am :)
I can finally brag (after a lot of bad pulls) 🥳


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