380k 20 R5s seek semi retired new home

Hi. Used to be a hardcore player and officer in another ally. Can no longer keep up with requirements. Seeking a semi retired ally preferably in AQ Expert Tier and a high tier war rating.

Who I am and what I own:
Boss killer of map 5. Officer in current 8m ally.
Two R4 5*, 20 R5 4*.

Take note I can only play AQ and AW only and donations have to be fair. Pm me if I am who yr ally seek.



  • Run477Run477 Posts: 1,278 ★★★
    Message me on line run477.
  • whaler213whaler213 Posts: 151
    we are a 5x5 tier 1/2 AW alliance need 1 asap we had someone flake on us if your interested
  • @Leoquarius

    Come chat with us on DISCORD

    AQ5x5 Expert.
    Lowest donations for any 5x5.
    Longest running MCOC alliance on Discord.
    And we have only middling ambitions. No prestige race for us.
  • Hspring3612Hspring3612 Posts: 11
    We run 5x5 tier 4 war. 134k gold 12.5k loyalty 30k chips. 8 mil allaince. 90mil+ in AQ.
    My line id is hs3612
  • Coors_ltCoors_lt Posts: 28
    edited October 2017
    Are you still looking? We're 5x5 so not the most laid back but still competitive. Our donations are relatively low for a 5x5 100% ally because we have some folks who donate a lot more than others (75k g 25kbc 10k loy). I sent you an add req in game to chat if interested.
  • Samsungpro999Samsungpro999 Posts: 124
    T4cc alliance add me if it's not the alliance I'm in pine I'd is samsungpro999 and if is Samsung pro my 500k friend started a new alliance with his t4cc friends lol
  • Samsungpro999Samsungpro999 Posts: 124
    The tag is CGKGW
  • Still considering my options. Remb I’m gonna be semi retired so pls don’t reach out to me if yr ally has event completions, duel targets, arena grinding targets etc.

    Seeking a high tier war rating / AQ expert tier ally that focuses on AW and AQ only. No minimum on others. Thanks. Hear from u soon!
  • MheikalMheikal Posts: 91
    Hey Man,

    ALLIANCE - Marvel-Mania [MM26]

    We are a good core group of 27 players looking to expand our alliance. We are all daily players, and we participate in all AQ/AW All we ask is that you contribute daily.

    PM m_heikal in game/line if interested, or just join up!
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