Abyss path 2 completed. Or maybe path 3. No spidey.

I had a lot of revives saved up and was ready to do another path of abyss. I put the following team together for path 2:

Aegon, Fury, Torch, Doom, (all six star R3), and Void.

I don’t have stark spidey for Luke Cage, so I used Aegon with heavy intercepts as needed. I needed Aegon ramped up to do that so I used Darkhawk to get combo. Even though Torch can solo Darkhawk, I think it was worth it. I banked about 135 combo per fight.

The Luke Cage fight was tricky at first but Aegon did well once I got down the timing of when to heavy intercept. I’m sure it’s easier with Stelath Spidey or She Hulk.

It was here that I made a wrong turn without realizing it. I followed the path 3 line to Ole Man Logan. He was super easy with Void.

Still oblivious, I went on to Havok. I didn’t remember seeing him in my planning, but I thought I’d try Aegon, not expecting much. Aegon easily took Havok. I don’t think I ever had damage from plasma.

I continued on the path, using pretty much only Aegon and Doom. It wasn’t until Red Skull that I realized I took the wrong path. But I was committed at that point.

And I’d say path 3 is easier than 1 just because fewer specific champs are needed. I could have taken only Doom, Torch, and Aegon and been totally fine. I would have liked to bring my R3 magneto to test him out.

I still had revives and potions by the time I got to the Collector. I traded 15 revives in my alliance to get ready, so 600 units. I didn’t need all those but they were good to have. Path 3 complete!

Now to farm some revives for path 2. I suppose I’ll bring the same team, but I wonder if magneto could replace Void.


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