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How about allowing pc players on mcoc?

I have played the marvel contest of champions for over two years now and when I got a new gaming desktop, I wanted to play mcoc on the desktop so I downloaded Bluestacks and tried to play mcoc but it did not work. After I was told that mcoc was only available on pc. I was disappointed. Mcoc is such a great mobile game with over 226 million downloads on mobile but not allowing pc players was kind of disappointing. I know that pc players have an advantage over mobile players but there are solutions where pc players can play mcoc while not affecting the mobile players. For example, making a pc server where pc players can only search and find pc players who play mcoc on their pc like a pc player only being to able see and play with an alliance, alliance members, incursions, and arenas with people who play mcoc on their pc that way pc players do not affect the mobile players. Or at least please allow pc players to play mcoc on their pc but they cannot join the alliance, incursions, and rank rewards from arenas or challenges(but still allowing milestone rewards). Or at best, making a pc version of mcoc. I know that Kabam is a mobile game company but instead of only allowing and focusing on mobile players, allowing pc players and making a way they can play the game without affecting the mobile players will be a great trial for Kabam and highly-likely to succeed because mcoc is such a great game with over 226 million downloads on the only mobile and imagine if pc players download mcoc. It will make Kabam not only known for mobile games. Instead of only focusing and allowing mobile players because Kabam is a mobile game company, please find a solution where pc players can play mcoc without affecting mobile players.

Thank you for reading the long request.


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