A few suggestions

1. John Mulaney challenge:
Already some time ago but i still wonder why there was no title for it like for Boseman & Holland; Evangeline Lily; Jeff Goldblum Challenge.
2. Act 5 Chapter 4:
Being in labyrinth style and not being able to zoom out just makes it annoying to do 100% . Make all opponents with question mark like AQ and then problem solved.
3. AQ/AW:
German translation of the "push someone" thing is wrong: It now means: "Someone pushed you" instead what it should be "You pushed someone ".
4. More tags for champions:
Immunities and own debuffs the champions is applying.
5. Using more than one +5 Energy Boost. I mean when i opened my 4h Crystals, i have like hundreds of these and it is just annoying to use them all seperately. Just do it like Potions or Revives.


  • SoobeSoobe Posts: 13
    I really think it's time to bring out this wish crystal from devs . Something has to happen is before it's too late. I'm burnt out and taking months off after pulling 12 rubbish champs in row. Last 3 og cap moon knight and agent venom. That isn't right. What am I ment to do with them. Why are they in 6* pool. We were told in devs about more choice and its way overdue. I do t even know if il come back I'm sick of the disappointment after all the hard work to get these shards. Bring out this crystal before it's too late and more players get burnout
  • jdrum663jdrum663 Posts: 276
    I think its time they stop putting out new broken things and fix the game.
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