Gold Diggers

Probably all said before but whatever. I have been playing this game for over 3 years. Just last month I finally got 3 tier 4 class catalysts and so upgraded my 1st 4 star to level 5. Back when I would play in the arena for 2 days trying to win a 4star champion. I would then trade my 100000 arena points for 50 arena crystals and in turn get between 1000 and 1500 unity's and usually a punisher. now 10 crystals barely give me 100 units and only rarely a punisher. The rewards for everything in the game have gone way down over the last couple of years to where it is hardly worth it anymore.

I don't mind paying a fair price for my game. and I spend some money each month on the game. But 99.00 for the catalysts to upgrade 1 champion is crazy. It seems we are expected to spend 100's of dollars a month on the game. that's not fair and that's not right, that is just gold digging.

My thoughts for what they are works. I know there will be some who don't agree but I thing mist will agree this game has become as bad as mobile strike for money grabbing without getting much in return.

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    Maybe I just need to find an alliance that isn't run by a power hungry kiddie and instead just wants players to play lol

    Is that where y'all get the tier 4 class catalysts?
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    Find an alliance that runs map 5. You’ll get your t4cc then
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    Lol the game hasn't been out for three years
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    Lol the game hasn't been out for three years

    LMAO yep I love when I read "for over 3 years"
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    It most certainly has, or feels like it anyhow..; Might be 2 and a half :p LOL pick apart whatever you like to make yourself feel better. kisses my friends
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    If you want better odds at T4c you need to run a minimum of 5x5 (only shards or the rare fully formed). For a full T4c you need an alliance with a high enough prestige and dies Map 6 at least once depending on prestige
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    Basically 3 years
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    Playing "three years" and barely have one four star rank 5, yikes.
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    Its been almost 3 years but not over
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    I have been playing since January of 2016 and i have 1 rank 3 five star.
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    Dont say "over 3 years" if it wasnt even 3 years yet, and "basically" 3 years is NOT 3 years smh
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    Find an alliance that runs map 5. You’ll get your t4cc then

    That's how players get their cats anyway. They've been doing it for over 10 years now. ;-)

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    I like how most people focus on the "3 year part" completely missing the point.
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    Edenrrific wrote: »
    I like how most people focus on the "3 year part" completely missing the point.

    I guess it is possible that someone who have been playing this game for over three years didn't know that we can get tier 4 class cats from AQ.

    But the best part, though, nobody mentioned. Back in the old days, he said he would get 1000 to 1500 units from just 50 arena crystals. That's 20 units per crystal on average. That's a great average, considering that the rest of us would get around 3.4 average on a real day (spring 2015).
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    Was just thinking the exact same thing!!. I needed 7units to get more energy lol. So i popped 80000 BC. And all i got was gold..... Sitting there thinking you gotta be kidding me........
  • I'm closing this thread down, as it started non-constructive and is only further heading that way.

    There certainly are different ways to play. Some choose to purchase items and others choose to play and grind for those same items. It's a choice, and completely yours to make.

    Not every offer is going to be appealing to everyone. There are certainly more constructive ways to share your feedback about an offer you don't particularly like.
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