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Moleman Bugged for Stunning Reflection Polka Dot Power Node in AW

Node 53, T1 War, Stunning Reflection + Polka Dot Power

This video shows that 2 things are bugged in this fight.

1) Moleman is gaining no power even though he is inflicting bleeds on MODOK. Polka Dot Power should be giving him power.

2) Moleman did not purify either the stun debuff (could have been max pacify on the defender, unlikely though) or the incinerate debuff that was inflicted from the heavy.

These two mechanics are what make Moleman an excellent counter for this specific fight, neither of which activated.


  • Holek96Holek96 Posts: 7
    I had the same issue on encroaching stun node... I have also noticed that at times he doesn’t shrug the bleed and poison from the liquid courage and double edge masteries
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