Cavalier EQ Skill Path Bugged

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The Cavalier Skill EQ path is Bugged! It no longer gives you Fury when the Opponent Fails to Evade! Now it is a very long and tedious fight especially with the Evade node! Please fix this ASAP! I still have to 100% Cavalier Difficulty

Note : I use a very recent Android Device so it's not a Device problem


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    Need more context
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    I've uploaded a gameplay for this bug:
    Pardon the gameplay.
    But basically when evade fails Skill champions are supposed to get a fury. This process fails right now.
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    Not working for me as well
  • Man_BatMan_Bat Posts: 327 ★★
    Just tested this as well and it doesn't work for me either. I tried Night Thrasher, Killmonger, Falcon, Nick Fury, and Masacre and none were able to get the fury bonuses.
  • Hey there, passing along the information and video for the team to take a look at.
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    I noticed same thing used Nick fury and BWDO and not gaining fury... Makes for longer fights. See pic below no furies whole fight even once evade fails.

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    Agree was exploring the same quest.. when I found these two bugs.. one persistent charge issue (nick fury) starts off the fight in phase 2. Issue 2 champs don't gain fury after failed evade
  • DJMNHDJMNH Posts: 572 ★★★

    Hey there, passing along the information and video for the team to take a look at.

    By the time, issue gets fixed last month quest will be over and we won't be able to explore and collect rewards.. @Kabam Zibiit pls get these issues solved by game team asap. Just 15 hours left...
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    Mcoc ver 30.1.0
    Iphone7+ ver 14.3
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    Anyone know if this is fixed yet? Quest about to close & this makes clearing the last lanes a major major pain
  • Ace13aAce13a Posts: 3
    Still not working. Guess I’lljust power through.
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