Loss of controls!

has anyone else been experiencing these two things?

1) an issue where your heavy doesn't work after parrying the opponent and you end up just standing there and getting smacked. This is really frustrating in AQ & AW!

2) an issue where your game inputs/controls just completely stop working in the middle of a fight and you go from winning to getting WRECKED!


  • Fear_of_Clowns2099Fear_of_Clowns2099 Posts: 630 ★★★
    There was this weird thing that happened after battling Storm X in the Cav EQ. After I used a heavy attack, she got back up so fast! I was like wtf, and died.
  • RichiestylzRichiestylz Posts: 46
    Thankfully im not any more insane than normal. Thought my gameplay was trying out for conjuring 3. Hit a well timed block only problem is they either just stand there ot double dash into a heavy that misses and get tge ol KO combo dome deal i lose
  • PsilencePsilence Posts: 15
    does anyone know if kabam has addressed this?
  • KingSamDaManKingSamDaMan Posts: 72
    I’ve been having a problem when I block and my game thinks it’s a dash attack
  • KingSamDaManKingSamDaMan Posts: 72

    I’ve been having a problem when I block and my game thinks it’s a dash attack

    A medium sry
  • jdeck59jdeck59 Posts: 386 ★★★
    My favorite is when my heavies don't work, and when the AI throws specials between the hits of their heavies .
  • Hey @Psilence, I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing some issues with your inputs not registering and I understand it can be really frustrating when something like this happens.

    Firstly, I suggest making sure the screen of your device is as clean as possible to ensure the best possible performance. If you still notice this happening after cleaning your screen, I would recommend going through all the troubleshooting steps in the relevant article below.

    - Android Troubleshooting
    - iOS Troubleshooting

    Additionally, please take a moment to share your feedback in one of the dedicated threads below by providing the details outlined in our Bug Report Template.

    - Android Lag and Performance Issues Thread
    - iOS Lag and Performance Issues Thread

    The feedback we receive in those threads is instrumental in allowing us to make future improvements to the game. While it's not possible for us to acknowledge or thank each player individually for their feedback, we really do appreciate every report we receive.
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