If I got a penny every time I got screwed because the game lagged...

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...I would be really damn rich. Could there be finally something done about the lag, crashing and freezing? I am genuinely sivk of reporting this month after month with no change, nor any word feom Kabam. I would understand if you said "unfortunately, there's nothing we can do" or "we dunno how to solve it". But the silence is frustrating.

I expect people will tell me "get a new device", well I have a 2020 tablet that runs other games flawlessly. Both MMOs (LoL, WoT) and graphically more demanding pieces than mcoc (like MFF, although it's not the most graphically demanding game out there). Every other game I tried runs smoothly. Just mcoc crashes lags etc. month after month after month.

All I want is some communucation. Kabam is silent about the everpresent reports of performance issue, so that it seems they ignore the issue. I believe they are trying to get it right, but if they keep silent about it, players like me get frustrated.

Rant over, now you all can eat me. I give this thread a 30 mins tops before it gets shut down, so you can make this a disagree race or something, it's really up to you. I just needed to vent this feeling. Thank you for bearing with me, it means a lot.

Your frustrated summonner

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    Yeah true. Nobody at Kabam seems to even give a hint that they're working on this. It gets frustrating missing all the inputs and getting koed. And it's not only lagging, there are so many bugs in the game. I know it takes a while to fix, but the persistent charge bug has been there for months!
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    Happens to me quite often. Dropping a frame the same time as I'm trying to parry and eating a combo. Slight freeze as I'm dexing a special and eating a beam to the face. Good times.
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    For me the worst part is that I just can't use some champs. Even if I got Doom, I couldn't throw his SP2. I pulled a 6* Prof X but his SP1 is hazard to use.

    But I do not understand one thing: it lags only the first time. For example Odin's SP1 lags/crashes the game only during the first time during one session. The first thrown SP1 is laggy and any subsequent SP1 runs smooth, so smooth! I do not understand this, but obviously it is possible for the SPs to not lag. But hey, I'm not a programmer, I dunno how these things work.
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    My game also experiences a TON of freezes that require a full restart of the game. It happens about every time I play now.

    I use an iPhone 7+ and listen to music while playing. It could also be going into the notifications tab while playing.
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