Arena multiplier

I have reached the 700k milestone in the doubloons arena and my arena multiplier has not moved off x1, everyone on global chat says their multiplier is working fine


  • By “working fine” they either mean it is working as intended, being only a 1x multiplier for the Deadpool Arena.

    Or they are answering regarding the normal arenas, with normal multipliers, not the Deadpool one.

    Also, don’t trust much of what you hear on Global, take it with a “grain of salt” (or rather, a heaping helping of salt).
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    Working As Intended. 15k points per fight, no multiplier, any * will give you same points.

    Fastest way to 2M is to use 3* with x3 boosts of you have those.
  • Hey there, just to confirm, this Arena does not have a point multiplier on it, but every Champion will award you with the same number of points. This was done so players could make use of their entire roster, including 1, 2, and 3-Stars, to get through this Arena more quickly.
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    Ohh thanks guys, where was this mentioned so I know for next time?
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