Light attacks instead of mediums? Dashes/blocks are .5 seconds slower?

I used to be a very engaged player, a boss killer at a top alliance. But I took a break for about 2-3 years and just returned. Has anyone else experienced these problems? I logged it in the Android bug thread (see link below), but I wanted also to see if others were having these problems:

In-Game Name: thanks4playing
Device and Model: Pixel 3
Device Operating System: 11
Cellular or WiFi: WiFi (and Cellular)
Game Version Installed: 30.2.1
Game Mode: All, but happens much more frequently in harder content
Description of the Issue:

Dashing back and forward is very buggy.
- When I hold block and dash back when the opponent dashes forward, I almost always get clipped.
- When I'm about to dash forward for a medium, the game makes me do a light attack

Parry is also consistently slow. My blocks are always ~.5 seconds late.

Generally speaking, everything seems a bit ~.5 seconds late and dashes seem to be interpreted as a press (e.g., medium attack often gets interpreted as a light attack).

This is becoming more and more common, maybe since the recent update. I tried restarting my phone, reinstalling the game, and I also washed the screen of my phone.


  • jdrum663jdrum663 Posts: 551 ★★

    Actually the player base can DO something about this.....stop supporting the game or bothering to spend on in-game purchases until the issues are fixed. Anyone who has played this game longer than last 2 years knows they have definitely "tweaked" the AI. Ive played this game for over 5 years and there is DEFINITELY a change in AI, hit and frame rates and huge difference between what AI is able to do and what you can't.

    AI can immediately recover after missing with Heavy or Special even BEFORE animation ends amd they are flipping into air. If you miss its immediate hit

    Parry doesn't work all time like it used to

    AI seems to get preference when it comes to dashing and will hit even when it should have been countered by Player action

    AI hits through blocks and looks like it was not a block but clearly tapped phone to block

    Specials don't chain into combos like used to and sometimes they'll be a opportunity for AI to block special tech at end of combo when it should have connected

    AI can consistently parry counter till it gets hit in

    AI turtles and plays ridiculous defensive when it's a power gain champ. Before you could bait now it just waits till it gets unblockable S3 (Hyperion, Mordo, Strange Etc)

    AI will dash fwd dash back block fwd back block
    ...wait then wait till u dash amd do special
    I've sat for 1+ min trying get AI to bait specials and it'll just wait till you mess up or time will run out

    AI will get best RNG when it comes to buffs but ull get lousy luck playing same character

    AI will have amazing luck with stun and damage inducing debuffs no matter how low the chance but ull have to put more effort. (AI Quake will proc stun with only one charge, Player can have 4 and it still won't proc)

    AI reaction time Godlike

    More connection disconnects results in a loss even if u beat AI and ull have to fight all over again with 50% hp

    Kabam makes BILLIONS in in-game downloads but somehow the issues bugs etc get WORSE and reported ones either denied as happens or never fixed. With as much money they make there's really not an excuse for a game have so many issues after over 6 years in existence.

    Coincidently, if a big is in favor of Player or an "exploit" it is fixed IMMEDIATELY. Those who haven't played past 2 years don't notice those of us been loyal 5+ years know game AI and mechanics have changes.

    Very well said! I couldn't agree more. The game is unplayable in its current state yet nothing from Kabam.
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    This has been tweaked over the years. The frame rate is different than what it was in the beginning.
    AI has been sped up and player frame rate has been increased.
    Recovery speed for AI is sped up (mainly why you get clipped when dashing back).
    Kabam won't speak to this and when they do they usually claim they haven't tweaked it but it smells like gaslighting.
    Nothing much player base can do about it except adjust.

    Assuming that players need to adjust, I have an honest question as I'm adjusting back to the game.

    For someone like Stark, I used to hold block until the defender charges at me so that I can dash back to gain my poise count. Is this something that I should no longer do?

    (The other method is that I do not hold block, but I stand still; when the defender charges at me, then I dash back.)

    But the part where my medium attacks are translated into light is simply unacceptable. That shouldn't be categorized as AI or tweaking, but a blatant defect.
  • Destr0yerDestr0yer Posts: 47

    Generally speaking, everything seems a bit ~.5 seconds late and dashes seem to be interpreted as a press (e.g., medium attack often gets interpreted as a light attack).

    You are not alone in experiencing these issues. Let me ask you this - do you experience similar issues outside of fights? Because I do. In arenas, when presented with a choice to move your champions to pick better attackers, I face exactly the same issue you are describing - that dashes seem to be interpreted as a press. When I try to move my champion to attack a different defender, the champion info page pops up instead.

  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★
    I often use Claire for stuff, and I'll often find I'm in the wrong phase suddenly. I am absolutely sure I didn't end my combo with a light hit.

    The game doesn't register inputs correctly.
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