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Community's Choice Champion Update: VOTE NOW!



  • GMAX77GMAX77 Posts: 482 ★★★
    Ant-Man all day long.
    Imagine an overhaul with animations which incorporate both his shrinking and growing powers. Besides, Science Class needs some buff love.
  • Pancake_FacePancake_Face Posts: 1,390 ★★★★
    gwenom said:

    gwenom said:

    Shock29 said:

    gwenom said:

    i chose AV cause it makes the most logical sense.
    Thor is my second choice, but i dont think shes as bad as AV is.
    Guilly is the last one id go for cause her dmg isnt bad, she has decent utility, and based on the roadmap someone connected to her is coming so possible synergy.
    ms marvel isnt bad (she also isnt good) if she has synergies with her.
    joe fixit is allmost imposible to get as a 5 star so hes out.
    antman is the most popular, but look at it this way. if they buff antman they indirectly buff ghost and nick fury. and they know that. kabam will most likely make him be ike a yellowjacket type of rework and not be all that viable. lets not do something dumb and risk a really bad champion to become good because antman (while allready being allright and averadge with the ghost synergy) become mediocre.
    AV has no dmg, and next to no ustility outside of shrugging off debuffs, which is an abbiity that fisk, crossbones, jabari panther and loads others can (not to mention that fisk gets rage stacks and crossbones gets furyes when they shrugg off debuffs)

    YJ got an update. Antman would get an overhaul and it could be magneto level. Have some Positive thinking
    i feel you, antman does deserve it. im hoping who ever wins does become the new magneto. but i find it REALLY unlucky since kabam are trying to find a way to deal with ghost (adding armor break to every cosimic champ and so on) and i doubt they would want to indirectly buff her with a HUGE antman buff. if i knew that he would get a magneto level buff, i would gladly go for him. i love him in the movies, in the comics everywhere. it would just make me sad if they dont make him good cause of ghost.
    hopefully who ever wins (prob antman) does get a magneto level buff
    lol so ur assuming Kabam will rig it so Ant-Man makes Ghost even better? They could very well redo him completely but keep his synergies
    nah what im saying is i doubt they will give antman a magneto level buff. i want it, but doubt it. i 100% think they wont change the ghost synergy. i think they wont make antman good. if they make him too good they will inherrently and undirectly buff the quantum trinity. if they make him as good as like wasp, while still buffing the trinity, wont be as big as if they make him a new magneto.
    They can very well make him good on his own and keep his synergies. He needs utility and damage
  • Manchild61Manchild61 Posts: 8

    Amir447 said:

    Agent venom in the mud, I'm disappointed :'(

    Agree man. Ghost users ruined the vote.. Just to buff a champ that will sit on the bench for using ghost every fight... makes no damn sense.
    Once again Ghost users don't even use him because he takes up a spot on their team. I don't use Ghost but it makes sense that they would want him buffed. I have a 6* duped Ant-Man so I voted for him. Don't blame the Ghost users. He is useless and even with the Ghost synergy he is garbage.
    lol useless? Have you tried to use Joe Fixit on attack? lol Or AV? Straight trash. Antman with ghost can do fine damage if you play him right. No point to buff a synergy champ
  • IncredibleJediIncredibleJedi Posts: 12
    I feel like Unstoppable Colossus has been neglected yet again. (Kidding. Go Ant-Man and Agent Venom).
  • TheHoodedDormammuTheHoodedDormammu Posts: 1,448 ★★★
  • Tyke1207Tyke1207 Posts: 3
    Antman became like yellow jacket, so from trash to decent ,vote for guillotine and maybe we can have a potential new mystic beast
  • HemajHemaj Posts: 9
    Thor please
  • Bruce_BannerBruce_Banner Posts: 2
    We need Joe FIXED but everyone here trying to sell people on voting Ant-Man cause "I would use him on the synergy team" but really, you still gonna let him sit on the bench cause Ghost will do the job anyways. Joe literally has nothing going for him, poor dude really needs the buff the most out of the rest ...
  • Metal_DaddyMetal_Daddy Posts: 33
    I voted Ant-Man. Dude needs to be better. Period.
  • Wroncho_44Wroncho_44 Posts: 2
    Agent Venom
  • jeikoes1jeikoes1 Posts: 1
  • Mikeyd8005Mikeyd8005 Posts: 16
    KK all day
  • Boo9Boo9 Posts: 1
    edited April 2021
    Agent Binod
    Agent Vinod
  • LabibLabib Posts: 3
    I just voted Ms Marvel cause I only got Antman and her as 5 star.
  • jarlaxyle1975jarlaxyle1975 Posts: 12
    Any man definitely needed it.... Maybe we can actually run him with Ghost/wasp/hood and he can do more then add synergy, hahahahah
  • Scorpio0411Scorpio0411 Posts: 1
    Joe fixit
  • Deder80Deder80 Posts: 615 ★★★
    Voted Antman! He was my first 5* gotta show him the love
  • Fuzzy012Fuzzy012 Posts: 11
  • ComicBookKnightComicBookKnight Posts: 2
    edited April 2021
    We gotta pick Joe Fixit we have to fix him up
  • BlackthunderBlackthunder Posts: 8
    Ant man definitely
  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 1,644 ★★★★★
    Everyone is so lame not voting for Kamala
  • SugDog408SugDog408 Posts: 1
    Joe Fixit needs his time 2 shine
  • Undone47Undone47 Posts: 9
    Ant man for sure. He's a cool champion and Paul Rudd is a great dude. Let's do it for him
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