Looking for Mass Opinions on AW Changes (Poll)...



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    I feel that any feedback will be ignored anyway.

    That is actually the point of this. It was done with mod approval and the goal is to get as many voices as possible SO THEY DO LISTEN lol. I have been told as long as the thread remains "constructive" and on topic it will not be removed. The more votes, the more replies.. the more attention they will pay. So please vote!

    No thanks; there's tons of feedback in the current AW feedback thread and most of that was ignored when they made the most recent change.
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    Leave the New System / Map in Place, Leave Scoring System in Place, Add in Defender Kills
    Hmm, I voted for bringing back defender kills, but it's because it was closest to how I felt. I personally don't like defender rating as a metric, but I get that it's there to encourage placing a difficult defense.

    For my alliance, we oscillate between a lot of tiers. Currently, doing the 5 to 7 shuffle. But we've also been as low as tier 10, and it's terribly insulting for a 6 mil ally to be fighting for 3* shards. The problem I have with defender rating is there are so many alliance matches we have against an 8 mil, 9 mil ally. Or, flip it, and we're against a 4 or 5 mil ally. If I check ally rating and it's a 9 mil ally, we're done for. Unless that 4 mil ally has sold champs, they are screwed. We've beaten bigger allies in the old system, and we've been beaten by smaller allies in the old system because of placement.

    Does dexterity need to be tuned for MD? Yes! Emphatically yes. That was the crux of the problem that people had with the old system. That said, there are some nice things that came from this system. I appreciate the QoL 60 min timer. It helps. But why are we able to see class and rating fighting for 5* shards? Doesn't that de-value some of the detect masteries? And why does defender kills not matter at all? In the war we just lost, our competition was joking in chat, "Oh you guys won't give up? Well, let's make kabam rich".

    Someone said this further upthread, and it needs to be re-iterated. AW would be much closer to what they envision if they spent more time re-working older champs. There are too many bad champs and people don't want to rank them or drop them in war because they suck. They stop no one. I'll add this in also. I know I won't make a lot of friends with this, but so be it. If you want to keep this current system, you also need to lower item use from 15. If I can't have defender kills, we need to find a way to stop guys from reviving over and over. Let's say you could only use 5 items. That is a deterrent even though your kills don't matter, you would have to conserve items. That would also mean that more people would be "forced" to spend for more expensive revives/pots instead of coasting off the "free" l1 revive/pots that we are given. Spend in this case meaning glory, loyalty, units, or money.
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    Leave the New System / Map in Place, Leave Scoring System in Place, Add in Defender Kills
    well we've nearly doubled my vote expectation.. but lets get greedy.. come on guys, vote if you have not yet.
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    Leave the New System / Map in Place, Leave Scoring System in Place, Add in Defender Kills
    I am a big fan of the current map and system. bringing back defender kills just makes sense.
  • Leave the New System / Map in Place, Leave Scoring System in Place, Add in Defender Kills
    I voted for leaving the current system in place but also adding defender kills in...

    IMO defender kills are KEY because no war is meant to be easy, what kind of war is it if you can't place your strongest defence.. The current system forces alliances to not place their strongest defence which straight away sets up an easy war for both sides.

    The ONLY reason I didn't vote to have defence diversity removed is because I think it's a good system to have as it gives a lower war ranked alliance hope to still win the war... I just don't think diversity should be the deciding factor of a war being won if both alliance's have 100%.

    If both ally's have 100% and 150 diversity, the ally with more deaths should lose... keep it simple
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    Bring Back the Old AW, Scrap the New Map and System
    I don't care what they want to hear.only thing they should listen is voice of their players. New AW sucks BIG time.pure cash grab and nobody asked us anything.after spending t4cc,t4b,iso,and gold we can't use that champions. But who cares as long as they are earning
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