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Help me, I want to know if the opponent alliance is cheating or not?

AkashBiswasAkashBiswas Posts: 9
edited May 18 in Bugs and Known Issues
War 9 of this current season , our opponent just failed using 6* r3 proff X to beat down Apocalypse (6* r3 ) boss but Apocalypse didn't gain any charges. Moreover it says in the stats that the opponent hasn't lost any Attack Bonus! How's that possible? I have images of the same thing I wrote earlier as a proof. Help me how to make Kabam notice this situation?


  • AkashBiswasAkashBiswas Posts: 9
    Please someone come forward and let me know what to do.
  • ZeuszeroZeuszero Posts: 49
    I don't know if it's been fixed but that happens when they force close during the fight. The death and attack bonus is lost only when they log in which means it won't happen as long as they don't log in during war time.
  • AkashBiswasAkashBiswas Posts: 9
    But the same guy entered into fight again within a minute or so, I watched the fight start timer. So how's that possible? @Zeuszero
  • ZeuszeroZeuszero Posts: 49
    never mind, I didn't see the picture, maybe a bug.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 8,231 ★★★★★
    Try restart the game and se if it stil show the same somtime it a synced isuse
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 6,430 Guardian
    Viewing defender kills real-time on your device doesn’t always sync exactly in-time with what opponent fighting is currently doing, especially if they timeout or crash.
    I’m sure that after you asked here, if you restarted your game, it would have then sync'd back up to account for that instance.
  • Hey there, sometimes it can take a bit for certain things to show the updated info when viewing your defenders in AW. Sometimes this can make it look a bit odd when viewing your defense, but restarting your game will usually get it to display the correct information. If you still believe you have evidence of suspicious behavior afterward, you can report it to our Support Team by clicking the gear-shaped icon in the top-left corner of the screen and then scrolling down to the button labeled "Support".
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