Venom the Duck, Give him a minor synergy so he can be in the mix again.

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Venom the duck is soon becoming forgotten and a minor synergy could spice things for him a bit.

Even fully ramped he is no where near CGR,etc. I am not saying everybody should be CGR but some kind of good synergy may make him wanted by player base. As we well all know he does not need buff as he has lot off them

Possible synergies

1. Sp2 releases all only frenzy or only survival buffs stored in the bank.(This could help in using special 2 rotation and utilise the Acid Armour a bit more)
2. Bleeds are Critical bleeds(Damage)
3. Begin the First fight with Fury and Precision buff in the Bank.
4. Always begin the fight with Either Regen or Fury Buff.
(3 and 4 will help his ramp up)
5.Increse the potency of frenzy buffs by 30%

Any of the above will make him Cooler and Yes I pulled him as a 6*.


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    He is made to be an RNG ramp up champion and I think he should stay that way
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    the guy carries me through incursions every week - im super super happy with the rank-up ngl. But if they could make his buffs come around 30% faster and allow you to be able to get 5 buffs per fight, he'd be far more usable in regular content.

    It would also be nice to be able to somehow select the buffs you wish your special/heavy to "bank" at the start of the fight, it's kind of frustrating to have regen's stolen first when I already have 2 and I don't want any more, perhaps a prefight ability that makes survival / frenzy buff sets be consumed as priority, and perhaps that same prefight would also weight the chance for that set to trigger too similar to the carnage / symb spidey synergies do.

    yea, make those selectable pre-fights and change the synergies to make those buffs a bit more potent or something instead.
  • FabwiziFabwizi Posts: 768 ★★★
    None of the synergies I feel are game breaking may be the first
  • FabwiziFabwizi Posts: 768 ★★★
    He need some push , I think especially for regular questing.
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    Swin_man said:

    Vtd sucks, like badly, I wouldn't mind if they let him reroll his buffs like venom and throw in a bit more damage

    Would obviously make sense if VENOM the duck shared a similar game style to VENOM

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    VtD was my first Rank 5 and the only time he's not on my team is if I have a really good reason for it. He carried me through every quest in 5.3 even with the 50% attack reduction. I will agree that his synergies are largely bad, but he already has synergies that make him start with a higher DNA thingy, a synergy that makes him more likely to proc defensive buffs and a synergy that makes him more likely to proc offensive ones.

    The problem is mainly that his synergies are not with good champs, so if you want a higher chance for Fury, you have to put Carnage or Venompool on your team, or Symbiote Spider-Man or Agent Venom to get a higher chance at Regen.

    I'm fine with the way his RNG works. It can be annoying to restart quests a bunch of times until you get the right buff in the first fight, but once you have it you can basically guarantee you'll get more of it fast. He is easily one of the best champs in the game already, the one change I would make to make him better without making him too good is I would give him some way to get things out of the DNA bank. Sometimes you're in a tough spot and you just have to throw a special and now you've locked in Perfect Block Chance and it throws off his rotation for the rest of the quest. Or sometimes you have too many Power Gain buffs and it makes it difficult to actually throw an SP1 or SP2 to lock in a different buff. But it's just something you get used to if you play him a lot.
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    Dont touch my duck
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